22/02 KR Patch Notes - Jin Bora released!

Jin Bora will be released this week in the KR Counter Side server!


You can find the original patch notes here.

New character - Jin Bora

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Sniper

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Emits a radiowave, dealing single-target damage.

Passive - I Like Music

Focuses on coding and gets inspired from listening to music. Basic Attack increases ASPD by 1% (Max 10 Stacks, cannot be canceled). All stacks are reset after Basic Attack is interrupted.

At level 2, increases ASPD buff effect by 2 times.

At level 3, increases ASPD buff effect by 3 times.

At level 4, increases ASPD buff effect by 5 times.

At level 5, increase skill cooldown by 1s on targets hit by Basic Attack.

Special - Let's Go Debugging - 2 Valid Hits - 24 sec. cooldown

Fires off a plasma ball from coalesced radio waves, creating a force field at the target location to recode the enemies' stats. The forcefield lasts for 3s, periodically deals damage to enemies, and applies 30% ASPD reduction for 1s every time it hits 2 targets.

At level 5, forcefield duration increased to 5s.

Ultimate - Listen To My Music! - 4 Valid Hits - 62 sec. cooldown

Starts performing from inspiration gained during a coding binge. Gain Invincibility during the performance. Fires of a radio wave attack at the end of the performance.

At level 5, gain maximum passive stacks after Ultimate.

Here is her full design:



Tuesday, 21 February 2023