22/02 Patch Notes - Nanahara Event and HoloMyth Collab Rerun

Global gets HoloMyth collab rerun along with Nanahara Family event!

15/02 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 22nd of February, 2023 14:00 ~ 22nd of February, 2023 17:30 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop.

Summary of the update

  • CounterSide x holoMyth Collaboration Reruns!

  • New Event - The Sun-Calling Tracks.

  • New Units - Yamato no Orochi and Kanade Hayami.

  • Banner Rerun - Nanahara Chinatsu and Nanaharu Chifuyu.

  • Awakened Units Rerun - Yuna and Shin Jia.

New Unit - Yamato no Orochi

Yamata no Orochi's passive can create a sphere that will repeat her attacks, making her a great pure dps employee while also bringing AoE damage to the table with her skill and ultimate.

She also has Perfect Evasion, which is a rare thing for a Ranger, and this, combined with her good range allows her to survive pretty well. In PVP, while she was used for the first few days, she was benched pretty fast, and despite the buffs she received, she still remains an off-meta pick.

  • PvE - A

  • PvP (SEA) - A

  • PVP (Global) - A

Should you pull?

Good unit overall but nothing must have. (Pull for thicc thighs)

New Unit - Hayami Kanade

Hayami Kanade honestly is a really underwhelming employee. While her kit on paper looks great, especially the part where she can turn into an Air-type employee, in reality, she rarely survives till that point.

Her kit doesnt offer that much even for 3 cost. Can be used as a soldier frontline with matador comps, or as a finisher in terror, but there are far more reliable picks.

  • PvE - D

  • PvP (SEA) - C

  • PVP (Global) - A

Should you pull?

Decent unit in PVP in certain comps. Pull because best mommy!

New Event - The Sun-Calling Tracks

Dive into Nanahara Family past and present in this well-written event introducing our two new characters Hayami Kanade and Yamato no Orochi!

Collab Rerun - Counter:Side x holyMYTH

HoloMYTH collab is back once again for Counter:Side Global with same mechanics as past and a free skin as reward!

Other Updates

  • Rebuilding the Octaseal Domain (Nanahara Chinatsu, Chifuyu, Hayami Sanae, Nakuya Minato, Ogami Masaki Exclusived Equipment).

  • UI Changes

    • Reduce black screen time during tap the Operation tab.

    • Change the dungeon node and dungeon information to indicate the appropriate level.

    • Change to focus on the currently entered operation tab when entering Supply Operation.

    • Dimension Trimming – Change to display Operation Stats on the deployed squad.

    • Dimension trimming – Add penalty warning signs if deployed squad falls short of recommended combat strength.

    • Dimension trimming Change to indicate individually for each trimming.

    • Storage – change to fix scroll position after the gear lock.

    • Change to fix scroll position when returning to unit list after Tactical Update progress.

    • Improved to view Dispatch Mission information in the lobby.

    • In lobby, the remaining period of Gauntlets / Strategic Tickets / Gauntlet Points will be shown.

    • Mainstream – When you go back from squad setting screen, change to keep the selected episode selected.

    • When you backward step on the squad organization screen, the entered episode is changed to remain selected.

    • Improved to notate the number of entry restrictions for stages registered in Favorites.

    • Change the lock to display if you’ve used all the way to restore the number of entries to your favorite dungeon.

    • Improved so that stage nodes in dungeons with only two stages are not obscured.

    • Improved to the last stage node of the Supply Operation & Simulation are not obscured.

    • The menu name changes depend to the selected language.

  • Improvements and Changes

    • Sweep function is available on the Dive after the completion of the Branch Mission. During the maintenance, all ongoing dives will be cancelled and one Exploration Permit will be sent to all CEOs.

    • When Dive Auto Battle progress higher HP Ship will be ordered first.

    • Dive Battle times reset in to before the Feb 8th maintenance.

    • TaskForce Plan – Gauntlet Plan Mission changes.

    • If the Removed Unit wears the skin below that changes the effect, the effect of the skin is improved so that it can be seen.

    • If the Below Rearmed Unit wears folllowing skin effect will shown:

      • Yoo Mina- First-time Vacationer (Basic Attack / Special Skill / Ultimate Skill).

      • Elizabeth Pendragon – Mistress of the Blue Noble (Ultimate Skill / Wings).

      • Gawr Gura Skin effect will added.

    • *The available quantity of Prime Rearmant Data in the Business Card Shop will be changed to 6 times per month → 20 times per month.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix an error where the Tactical Update step is not visible in the gauntlet unit details.

    • Fix an error where the tactical update phase of units deployed in the Main Squad is not visible.

    • Through the last play, when you enter Danger Close in Danger Close rest period, If the error that the dummy image appears.

    • Fix an error during Dimension trimming the same as ships deployed in the dive squad, but can be further deployed if the retrofit rating is different.

    • Fix an error that does not reflect the Eternium discount effect on the Eternium consumption display required for Dimension trimming.

    • Fix an error where the Tactical Update step does not apply to Summon and Transform units that share equipment and growths.

    • During 22nd of February maintenance Danger Close Point 400pts will be given to all CEOs regarding this issue.

    • Fixed an error that makes it difficult to progress the dive normally intermittently if it temporarily deviated during the dive.

    • Fix an error where the boss HP bar divider did not exactly match the scrambled range adjustment position.

    • Fix an error where two disabled stages are visible when using filters in Favorites.



Tuesday, 21 February 2023