23/11 Developer Notes - Bug fixes incoming!

The second-ever developer notes talk about all the bugs that have been annoying the players since the release and how they will deal with them


You can check the developer notes by going here.

Bugs, bugs, everywhere

As we all know, the game is riddled with bugs and the developer's notes give us a timeline for upcoming fixes that will fix some of them. The first batch of fixes will be applied this week, but the second one - much larger - will be released somewhere in early December.

November fixes

Here is the list of bugs to be fixed this week:

  • The issue where the notification reappears even when there are no available rewards in the Day by Day event.

  • Several display issues, such as the characters registered in Synchro Device’s level being displayed as “Lv. 1”.

  • The issue where the effect of enhanced Critical Damage of Maiden's Skill 2 is not applied.

  • Incorrect skill descriptions of several other characters.

  • The issue where Rapture’s Core does not take any damage when it is attacked.

  • The issue where occasionally the error message "Failed to sync combat information" pops up after a stage is cleared. 

  • Many commanders have pointed out that the “Free Gem” in gift packs is not distinct enough, so we have made it clearer by calling this out. A “Free” mark will also be added to the Gem icon in the updated app in early December.

December fixes

List of fixes coming in December. Highlighted those that will have a huge impact on the tier list and ratings.

  • The issue where the notification does not disappear even when there are no available rewards in Infrastructure Core,

  • The issue where the notification is not displayed properly in the Simulation Room, Lost Sector, Harmony Cube, Recycling Room, etc,

  • The issue where the Critical Rate is negative in certain situations,

    • This means that the Damage Formula might indeed be bugged and Crit buffers will be much stronger after the fix,

  • The issue where the Screen Shaking option and Max Frame Rate affect the interaction to the Core, which reduces the final damage dealt.

  • The issue where the Charge rate of characters that use Charge weapons affects the skill effect.

    • Harran bug abusers on suicide watch,

  • The issue where Vesti's skill damage is 1, and the problem that some characters' Attract effects cannot be activated.

    • This could mean that Ludmila will be fixed too since her Taunt isn't working.

    • Also, in the KR dev notes, this point also mentions buff stacking and the Burst skill leveling being fixed, so hopefully, Pepper will finally work and Ruppe will get fixed. Don't know why the English translation skipped that part.

  • The issue where the game crashes when players enter Harmony Cube under certain circumstances.

  • The issue where some buffs in the Simulation Room that should take effect randomly have a 100% chance of taking effect.

    • Well, Simulation Room is going to get harder now...

  • The issue where Tyrant-class Raptures would stop moving in certain situations.

  • The issue where the actual waiting time in Outpost Defense is longer than the time recorded and the rewards given.

Other important changes

  • We will also reduce the difficulty of the game so that players will not face a sharp decline in character stats in cases where the combat powers only differ by 1, to provide Commanders with a better gaming experience.

    • That's the best change in the whole developer notes - it will make punching above the power level much easier.

  • We are carefully testing and making sure that this adjustment will not increase the difficulty of certain stages.

  • The anti-cheat feature will be enhanced, and the sanctions for hackers will be strengthened. We will continue to monitor unfair behavior, such as hacking, and take any necessary steps to improve our anti-cheat measures


Overall, it seems that the majority of the bugs will be fixed. They only failed to mention the ammo bug, but the rest bugs are covered:

  • charge bug,

  • taunt bug,

  • buff stacking bug,

  • damage formula bug (potentially),

  • burst skill leveling bug.

This also means that shields are working as they should, so Centi users should be happy.



Wednesday, 23 November 2022