23/11 SEA Patch Notes - Tower Xiao Lin nerf + recall!

The day is finally here. Tower Xiao Lin who dominated the arena since she was released will be nerfed!

23/11 SEA Patch Notes

  1. Event] Event Episode: The Moonless Night and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Event] Black Friday Coin Return Event Starts! During the event, you can get a certain amount of coins back if you use the Admin Coins to the specified amount!

  3. [Attendance] Lucky Black Friday! (2022-11-23~2022-12-07)

  4. [Challenge] New Challenge: Let's Go, ARS!/Na Heerin’s Urgent Order (Open on Wednesday and Sunday)

  5. [Side Story] Special Investigation is back! Complete the hard mode to get Han Sorim Unit Data!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Lulu the Nightmare Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Singularity Shin Jia/Six Wings Amy Firstwing/Replacer King/Replacer Queen/Altergressive Seo Yoon/Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon Probability UP!

  8. [Shop] Vacation Skins (Lulu the Nightmare, Carmen, Shena) for Sale!

  9. [Shop] Added Black Friday Fusion Core Package Step 1/2/3, Black Friday Tuning Binary Package, Black Friday Set Binary Package, Black Friday Quartz Package, Black Friday Classified Employment Package Step 1/2/3.

  10. [Voice] New Japanese Voice for 7 characters (Lucid, Horizon, Awakened Horizon, Shena, Rachel Dodds, Yamata no Orochi, Hayami Kanade) and 7 skins (Dash - Serving Onstage, Rita Arsenico - Embarrassing Undercover, Horizon - Ruthless Crusher Bunny, Naielle Bluesteel - I can't believe she's the Student President, Roy Burnett - I can't believe it's Water Flea, Nanahara Chinatsu - I can't believe it's Lady Nanahara, Na Yubin - I can't believe it's the Antagonist)

Also, with this patch, a lot of balance changes will be released, including the nerf of Tower Xiao Lin. Check the in-game patch notes for details.

New character - Lulu

Nightmare Lulu is the first 2-cost employee that can apply one of the strongest debuffs in PVP (if used right) - Sleep. This sadly makes her pretty bad for PVE as Sleep requires good timing to make use of the duration it lasts.

In PVP, you can now form a team that focuses on abusing Sleep - with Lulu providing battlefield-wide Sleep, Lily targeting the backline, and Gremory being a grenade-in-a-bottle you can throw wherever you want. Still, Sleep alone isn't enough to win you the match, so you need to supplement it with employees that can actually kill someone.

Compared to our two other Sleepers, Lily and Gremory, Lulu's sleep is tied to her ultimate, so you need to keep her alive long enough to actually make use of it. Still, if you're able to do that her Sleep can temporarily disable the current meta employees that hide behind others: Nestkeeper Xiao, Replacer Queen, and Replacer King, buying you a few seconds that hopefully will help you in dealing with them.

Also, Sleep has a pretty hefty downside too.

First of all, it doesn't work on Mechs. So Awakened Horizon teams laugh when they see Lulu being deployed as they can simply ignore her. Also, Mika Star exists and she can remove Sleep from her allies and destroy your plans. Low-cost agro teams that use Soldiers also don't care about Sleep as they can quickly be redeployed.

Be aware that your team also will be put to sleep, as Lulu doesn't care about sides and wants to reap the nightmares from foes and allies alike.

Is she worth pulling?

Not really.

New skins

The latest summer skins for Carmen, Lulu, and Shena are here!

Balance changes

The changes were already released on the KR server some time ago.

Here's the list of who was buffed:

  • Dark Seven Sylvia

  • Hayami Kanade

  • Liona

  • Enterprise: Carrier Type

  • Gleipnir: Pod Type

  • All Operators - now Serina can't counter them as their buffs aren't removable.

And here's who was nerfed:

  • Nest Keeper Xiao Lin.

Yes. Finally. The reign of the Tower Xiao Lin will end this week in SEA. We updated her review and rating according to how the nerf affected her in KR, so give it a read.

Also, for the first time ever, players in SEA will be able to use the recall system. Basically, if you own Nest Keeper Xiao Lin, and you don't like her after the nerf, you may exchange her for any other rearmed character.

Here's a list of the rearms that are great:

  • Kestrel Xiao - the best PVE character in the game, if you don't have her yet, she's the first choice,

  • Near Astrea Esterosa - another great PVE character that can abuse her immortality to cheese a lot of content,

  • Abyssal Ravage Orca - while she was nerfed, it only affected her PVP performance, in PVE, she's still a beast.

While Alex and Titan are also great rearms, they are not available in SEA yet, so you won't be able to pick them.



Tuesday, 22 November 2022