24/11 Global Patch Notes - Awakened Horizon and Black Friday deals!

Awakened Horizon will be released in the Global Counter Side server this week! Also, Black Friday deals, tons of reruns and more!

23/11 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 24th of November, 2022 16:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

List of things added with this update

  • New banner - Awakened Horizon.

  • Banner reruns - all other awakened characters,

  • New event - Jehuty Biotech Elimination Operation

  • New event - Top Counter’s Good Luck Circuit Link

  • New event - Black Friday Payback Event

  • New QOL and balance changes

New character - Awakened Horizon

Awakened Horizon is the second awakened mecha employee added to the game and also the second awakened Air unit. Awakened Lee Soyoeon finally has competition in the air battle! She's also a striker-type employee, which is kinda a bummer because the last awakened employee - Arhat Shiyoon - was also a striker.

In early PVE (especially Shadow Palace) she shines because of the damage she brings. Especially her passive that deals additional damage based on the enemy's current HP makes her chunk their HP bars with each strike. It's worth noting that the 30% bonus dmg is applied not only on her basic attacks but also on her Special and Ultimate (both use her swords).

%HP-based abilities are always strong in games where enemies HP inflates into millions, and similar to A.Yuna this makes her great in PVE. Also, After her buff, her survivability increased massively, and even with scuffed gear she will carry every new player through story and other early content, so you won't have to worry about her suddenly dying.

While there are better picks for Dive 50, she shines in Shadow Palace floor 5 and the Relic Dungeons where you need her to clear the Maria stage. Also, she works really well in all Challenges and Events, because the enemies there are high level and she just bonks them to death with her %HP damage.

In PVP... Well, she earned the nickname Awakened Woodpecker for a reason. Not only her biggest strength (the %HP passives) was nerfed to 5% in Gauntlet, she also was super squishy and often died without doing anything. But a week later she was buffed and while the buff looked small on paper, it massively changed how she performs.

She's ultra-hard to kill because with her high attack speed, she gains immunity to all damage every 6-7 seconds and this allows her to survive where she shouldn't. Also, her damage is actually great now in Gauntlet, because apparently %HP damage was bugged. It seems that now she's a great counter to ALSY, and the roles reversed - there are videos floating around with Horizon one-shotting ALSY and taking half the HP of the ship at the same time with her special alone.

Together with Replacer King and Tower Xiao Lin, A. Horizon is the current meta employee in PVP.

  • PVE - S

  • PVP (SEA) - SSS

  • PVP (Global) - SSS

Should you pull her?

She will instantly become meta in PVP, so if you are serious about that mode, you have to pull her. For PVE, while she is also great there, she's only essential in Relic Dungeon.

New event - Jake Bingo

The main reward for the bingo even this time is Jake's casual skin!

Black Friday

Black Friday in Counter Side is the best time to spend. Not only there's a ton of great deals available, but also with the buyback event, you will get back some of the AC you've spent!

QOL and balance changes

There are a lot of changes coming with this patch, so check the official patch notes (linked above) to get all the information about what changed. Here's what changed:

  • You can rename your Squads now,

  • A filter for Relic gear has been added,

  • Gauntlet has been updated with the most recent system that was already introduced in other regions,

    • the most important part: character bans will decrease the stats of characters, not only increase their cost,

  • Enterprise: Carrier Type and Gleipnir: Pod Type were slightly buffed,

  • All Operator skills can't be removed now.



Wednesday, 23 November 2022