26/01 Global Patch Notes - Gremory is here!

Gremory stumbles on the Global server this week along with Gremory Bar event.

26/01 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 26th of January, 2023 16:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop.

Summary of the update

  • New event - Gremory’s Bar

  • New event - Nicole’s VIP Catering Cocktail Service

  • New event - Origin Year’s Eve Countdown!

  • New Characters - Gremory

  • New Operator - Momo

  • Awakened Banner Rerun - Alter Seo Yoon

  • Banner Rerun - Overflow and Veronica

  • Operator Rerun - Chloe Starseeker and Olivie Park

New Character - Gremory

Gremory is a very unique employee that instead of a Special skill, has two passives as a Counter type. She is a paratrooper which means, she can be deployed further down the field where her two passives can be activated at the same time. Honestly, she seemed like a meme unit but is quite overtuned in pvp

Her on deploy effect creates a potion that deals damage over time and continuously reapplies sleep even after they take damage - effectively making this a stun that allows her to freely attack the backline. Due to it being a pretty much instant interrupt, she can be easily deployed to cancel special skills and even ultimates

Oh and, she will pretty much tank for perfect evasion duration if not stripped of her buff, as enemies are not only unable attack her, but also has attack debuff and will miss their attacks.

  • PvE - D

  • PvP (SEA) - SS

  • PVP (Global) - SS

Should you pull?

While she has no value for PVE players, she is must have unit for PVP.

New Operator - Momo

She's a really niche Operator that in theory was meant to counter Healing compositions, but there are characters that passively can apply the same debuff and it lasts as long as they're alive, not only for a few seconds.

Should you pull?

No, You can purchase one copy through planet points as her niche while is strong but isn't useable enough to justify investing into dupes.

New event - Origin Year’s Eve Countdown!

More goodies including a selector!

New event - Gremory’s Bar

Farm the new story stages in Gremory’s Bar [Devil and Bartender] to buy a cool new background, fusion cores, and more!

New event - Nicole’s VIP Catering Cocktail Service

A brand new event where you will craft various cocktails to satisfy Gremory's appetite and get multiple rewards in return!

Check out our Guide for the event here.

Last but not the least - final chance to make a Pre-registration if you missed it!



Wednesday, 25 January 2023