28/12 SEA Patch notes - Curian and new rearms!

After a dead month in the Counter Side SEA region, we're getting a packed update!

28/12 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Rearmament] Titan/Alex Rearmament Unlocked!

  2. [Event] Event Episode: The Iron Knight, Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  3. [System] Ship Implant Remodeling Unlocked! Complete Implant Remodeling to install Command Module and increase employee’s stats!

  4. [Attendance] Royal Support Punch In! (2022-12-28~2023-01-11)

  5. [Mission] Royal Support Project Mission Starts!

  6. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Curian Probability UP! Iron Knight Curian Contract Mission Starts

  7. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Ella Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Alex/Titan Probability UP!

  9. [Unit] New Unit—Warden can be redeemed at the event shop!

  10. [Shop] Added Frame: Black Lily & Frame: The Enlightened One to Gauntlet Point Shop.

  11. [Shop] Added SSR Ship Construction Package, SP Memory Package, Command Module Reset Package & Black Box Supply Package I/II.

  12. [Shop] Added Curian Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol.1/2/3.

  13. [Shop] Added Special Tuning Binary Package, Special Set Binary Package & Special Fusion Core Package.

  14. [Voice] New Japanese Voice for Six Wings Amy Firstwing!

  15. [Danger Close] New Season Starts! 

New character - Curian

Iron Man... ekhm. Curian is the third Awakened Sniper and the first Awakened Soldier in Counter Side. Compared to the other two Awakened Snipers, Amy and Queen, he specializes in summoning units and buffing them.

You will need 6 deployment resources to field him, but he appears together with a pair of elite Wardens by his side. Considering that Warden is also a separate employee that costs 2 deployment resources, Curian's 6 cost doesn't look that bad anymore. Keep in mind that the summoned Warden doesn't inherit Curian's gear.

For 6 deployment cost, his kit is very stacked. Curian's passive gives Confusion immunity to ally Soldiers which counters their biggest nemesis - Harab. During the deployment passive, Curian gains nearly unlimited range and is able to outrange almost everyone in the game, along with the stealth detection. His special can inflict a wide area stun and damage, giving him control abilities, and the damage is no joke - able take down most strikers in 1 special skill + passive attack. He also triggers Warden's enhanced attack on a separate cooldown, essentially buffing the wardens' DPS.

However, since he has 0 evasion and 0 defensive abilities, he can be easily taken down by Elizabeth and Kang, with the only way to survive against them is by equipping tank gears.

In PVE, he out-damages any other DPS on single target bosses (i.e. Raids or Guild Coop). There, his own damage is on par with Kestrel Xiao Lin, but the Wardens he summons deal around 30-40% of his damage on top of that. Still, Kestrel Xiao Lin is 2 deployment resources cheaper, but Curian can also hit Air employees so it evens out.

Should you pull him?

Honestly, he's worth it!

New character - Ella

Ella is the third character that has a counter-type skill that allows her to, you guessed it, nullify enemy skills and counterattack. Still, similar to normal Joo Shiyoon, she can only counter Special type skills and Ultimates still will be ignored.

Compared to Joo Shiyoon, she deals more damage, but it comes at the cost of losing some utility. First of all, she doesn't stun enemies when she counters and only blinds them. Also, she has bigger cooldowns on her skills which means she's even more gear hungry than Shiyoon.

Sadly, PVP is full of awakened characters and the counter doesn't work on them, so it's hard to use her to her full potential.

Should you pull her?

She's not really essential anywhere.

New character - Warden

Warden is basically the Sniper version of Administration Rifleman which instantly makes her a monster in both PVE and PVP. Not only is her damage excellent, but the enhanced attack is also so powerful, that it can one-shot most Strikers in the game - which is pretty essential as the KR PVP meta is Striker heavy with Rearm Esterosa and Orca destroying player's dreams of reaching a higher rank.

Additionally, unlike OAR, Warden can actually survive some attacks, as she can barrier himself and shrug off an attack coming from rearmed pandas (Elizabeth and Kang). Still, to get the most out of Warden in PVP, you have to pair her with Curian and he isn't exactly a meta unit right now.

Should you pull Warden?

You don't need to! She's free from the event.

New rearm - Tiana Titan

Rearm Titan was one of the most awaited rearms and it did not disappoint. He is as strong as Evolved One is currently in PVP - some even think he is better than her because he doesn't need to eat other Mechs to reach his full potential and can be healed. Also, don't be fooled by the 6 cost - his fully leveled passives decrease it to 5, and on top of that, if you Leader him, it will go down to 3. Yes. Only 3. That's ridiculous.

Trina Titan's kit has been fully reworked compared to his base version. The base Titan's passives have been combined into one (and slightly nerfed) and he gained a new one instead. A Passive that is so strong, it can one-shot a lot of non-MDL characters. Thankfully, it only can be used when someone is stupid enough to attack Trina Titan head-on and enter his personal space. If they won't die from the hit, they will be knocked back basically to their ship.

Also, his Exclusive Equipment that previously was barely used now is BIS for him - especially if you want to play Trina Titan as a DPS. Similar to Kim Sobin, the EE gives 30% ASPD which combined with another 30% that Titan gained on his new passives allows him to stack either Ground Res (if you want to play him as a tank) or Ground/Anti-Striker/Anti-Defender DMG (if you want to turn him into murdermecha).

From day 1 of his release, he became a meta unit in PVP that can only be countered by Awakened Jake and Rita as their debuffs really hurt Trina Titan, making him easier to kill and decreasing his damage output. Still, even if you pair them together it will take some time to kill Titan as his Leader passive gives him a Cheat Death mechanic.

As for PVE - Trina Titan deals quite good damage and also has DEF shred on tied to his passive which allows him to perform really well in various PVE modes.

Should you rearm Titan?


New rearm - Breakbeat Alex

Breakbeat Alex is the best 3-cost SSR Defender in the game that is nearly on the level of the best 4-cost Defenders like Serapel or Levia. Honestly, I don't know why did she receive a buff shortly after being released, because she didn't need one (well, the lack of Stealth Detect pissed a lot of players, so it's good they added it back).

Breakbeat Alex can tank for days due to her stacking Barriers on herself constantly, but also after the buff, she can also stack ATK on herself (and the effect can't be removed), so her damage output is really good for a Defender - it's not on the level of Rearm Orca or Rearm Esterosa, but those two are Strikers.

Overall, Alex joins the two (and Kestrel Xiao) as a must-have rearm.

Should you rearm Alex?

Yes, yes, yes!

Ship Implant Remodeling

To unlock the system, a ship needs to be leveled to level 100 first. Then, you need to sacrifice a dupe of the same ship + some credits to increase the level cap of the ship by 10 - and you can repeat the process 3 times. So the new level cap for ships will be 130 and you will need the original ship + 3 dupes to max it.

Each time you increase the level cap for a ship, not only does it increase its base stats, but you also unlock a slot for a Command Module. Each Command Module comes with 2 passives - one boosts characters based on their class and the second based on their type.

The image above shows example passives.

Module 1:

  • [Soldier] Ultimate Damage +3%

  • [Siege] Crit DMG +4.6%

Module 2:

  • [Counter] Anti-Ranged DMG Res +1.4%

  • [Striker] Special Skill Damage +3%

Module 3:

  • [Counter] Barrier Power +10%

  • [Supporter] Anti-Mech DMG +3.8%

The passives you obtain are randomized but you can reroll them using ship materials.



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