29/11 KR Patch Notes - 2 new characters and a new operator!

Two new characters and a new operator will be released this week in the KR region. Check the post for their translated kits!

New character - Mirine

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Striker

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 2 valid hit

Deals AoE damage in front using the current elemental weapon. In reality, the broom is just covered with juice.

Passive - Violet, Transform The Weapon!

After using the basic attack 7 times, casts an enhanced attack that triggers an Elemental Effect, lasting for 4 seconds. Mirine then destroys the weapon, permanently gains 5% ASPD (up to 6 stacks), and then switches to the next elemental weapon (Flame > Frost > Volt > Flame).

Elemental Effects:

Flame: Enemy loses 0.5% of their max HP per second (Bosses excluded)

Frost: Adds 1 stack of [Chill] to the damaged enemy (5s fixed duration)

Volt: Caster gains Perfect Evasion and Skill Haste +7.5%

At level 5, increases EVA proportional to HP loss (up to +60%).

Special - Tri-Color pulse - 18 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Charges up the current weapon to deal AoE damage in front, triggering the Elemental Effect. The value of the Elemental Effect is doubled and it lasts for 7 seconds now. Does not affect targets exceeding the valid hit count.

At level 5, Valid Hit + 1

Ultimate - Mirine Starlight Transformation - 46 seconds cooldown - 4 valid hits

Transforms into a Master Swordswoman, mixing elements and attacking enemies in front, triggering all Elemental Effects at the same time. The values of the Elemental Effects are quadrupled and they last for 10 seconds now. Does not affect targets exceeding the valid hit count.

At level 5, resets Special Skill cooldown after casting the skill.

Here's what Mirine looks like:

New rearm - Hidden Challenger Chulsoo

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Defender

  • Deployment cost: 3

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 1 valid hit

Performs a series of attack moves that anyone can follow, inflicting damage on a target in front. The last attack Taunts the damaged target. In Rage Mode, the last attack deals 50% increased damage.

Passive - Burden of the Breadwinner

Kim Chulsoo is reminded of his beloved family and gains an indomitable will. Gains 1% DMG RDC every time he uses the Basic Attack. When [Burden of the Breadwinner] reaches 20 stacks, they are consumed and Chulsoo deals AOE damage in front, gains 20% DMG RDC, and enters [Rage Mode]. Becomes immune to special hitstun and all of the skills are enhanced during [Rage Mode]. Gaining 20 stacks during [Rage Mode] will grant Kim Chulsoo an additional 30% ATK and DMG RDC (Undispellable).

At level 5, Debuff Res +50%

At level 10, resets special skill CD after receiving 28 attacks in [Rage Mode].

Special - Roman Jump Kick Combo - 22 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Using a combo that newcomers cannot easily follow, inflicts damage with kicks and gains 3 stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner]. In [Rage Mode], uses his powers to launch enemies into the air and uses additional combos.

At level 5, gains 2 more stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner].

At level 10, gains 20% DMG RDC for 8s after casting skill.

Ultimate - Chronic Fatigue - 50 seconds cooldown - 2 valid hits

After the fatigue and stress from social life reach the boiling point, deals AoE damage that always CRITS and knocks enemies back. During [Rage Mode] uses additional combos and generates a shockwave within 3m and inflicts strong knockback. Targets exceeding valid hits take no damage but the shockwave gains Surefire against them.

At level 5, attacks with fists during [Rage Mode] deal True Damage.

At level 10, gains 20% Anti-C.O./Replacer DMG RDC for 15s after casting.

Leader - Hidden Challenger

Kim Chulsoo enters battles, embracing the memories of his family in his heart. Gains 30% DMG RDC for 8s and 10 stacks of [Burden of the Breadwinner] after being deployed.

At level 5, buff duration +4 seconds.

Here's what he looks like:

New operator - Jung Da-in

Skill - Cute is Justice! - 70 seconds cooldown

Increase ASPD of all allies by 50% for 12 seconds. Also, give all ally Snipers a Barrier equal to 10% of their max HP. Those effects can't be removed.

  • Trigger order: Defender > Sniper > Striker

The 50% ASPD is for maxed skill, we don't know the level 1 value.



Monday, 28 November 2022