29/12 Patch Notes - Modernia and new skins!

We're again getting the patch notesearly this week and with this update we will get Modernia, another coop event and new skins!


Link to the official patch notes: check here.

Patch Notes Summary

  • New character - Modernia

  • New event - Brand New Year

  • New coop event - Land Eater

  • New skins - Helm, Sugar, and Julia

  • Bug fixes

New character - Modernia

As we already know, Modernia, the first new Pilgrim, will be released with this update. We already added her to our website and you can check her profile here. Please keep in mind that her skills are hidden - while they have been leaked already, anything is subject to change.

Some info about Modernia:

  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim

  • Weapon: LMG

  • Element: Fire

  • Burst Type: 3

  • Class: Attacker

Compared to previously released characters, there are some changes to how her banner will work - the main being that instead of having a 2% chance to get the rate-up character, for Modernia it will be set to 1% only. The change for sure was made because she's a Pilgrim, but it still stings a bit. Thankfully, you can exchange her using the Golden Mileage Tickets, so if you have any saved, now is the perfect time to use them.

Also, compared to XRupee and XAnne, Modernia isn't limited, so she will be added to Molds and the generic pool once her banner ends.

Modernia banner will start on the 1st of January and will last for 20 days.

New event - Brand New Year

As usual, with a new character being released we will get a new event that will come with its own event stages and shop. According to leaks, here's the list of promoted characters:

  • Modernia - 60%

  • Helm - 40%

  • Julia - 40%

  • Sugar - 40%

  • Milk - 30%

  • Dolla - 30%

  • Eunhwa - 30%

  • Mica - 20%

  • Belorta - 20%

  • Mihara - 20%

Keep in mind that this is subject to change.

Event duration: From the end of the Dec 29 maintenance to 23:59:59, Jan 11, 2023 (UTC+9)

New event - Land Eater

Another coop event which means free goodies! This time, we will fight the Land Eater:

Event duration: From 12:00:00, Jan 1, 2023 to 23:59:59, Jan 8, 2023 (UTC+9)

New skins

Three new skins will be added with this update!

Helm – Chandelier

To get the skin you will need to buy the special New Year Pass - this looks similar to the pass with Emma.

Sugar – Hard-Boiled

To get the skin you will need to buy the Mission Pass (Season 3).

Julia – Mild Nocturne

This skin will be added to the permanent skin pool.



Monday, 26 December 2022