Archeland releases today in KR!

The day is here! Finally we will be able to try the latest Tactical RPG from Zlongame, Archeland!


Here are the official links from where you can download the game:

The PC client installs normally even if you're not in KR and so far we haven't encountered any SSN verification - you can log in normally through Google, Naver, Facebook, Apple, and even QR Code (which we are familiar with from Counter Side). Guest account login isn't possible to create on PC, so if you want to reroll, you need to do it first on mobile.

Still, to be 100% sure the PC client is playable outside South Korea, we need to wait for the release of the game which will happen in around 16h after posting this blog. For an up-to-date timer, check the homepage for the game on Prydwen.

If you want to download an APK for the game, since the game isn't available in Global stores, you can do it by going to APKPure for example.

How to start strong

Last week, we worked tirelessly to translate the kits of characters available on release, and also we finished our tier list! So you can freely browse the database of characters to find out their skills and what we think about them - for now, reviews and pros/cons are available only for SSR characters, but we will update the other rarities soon!

If you want to learn more about the game, check our guides:

Also, for those who don't know the language to play the game, after the release we will prepare navigation guides that will tell you what to click on to access the most important areas of the game. Those guides should be released within 72h.



Tuesday, 06 December 2022