Artery Gear - February Roadmap

The roadmap for February is here!


The roadmap has been posted on the official Artery Gear Twitter.


  • New Event - World of Union, Sandy Away, Academy Festival Party.

  • New Character - Rela and Fiedy.

  • New EA - Rela, Phantom and Cindy.

  • New skins - Nina, Erica, Grace and Phoebe.

New character - Rela

You can find more about her here.

New character - Fiedy

You can find more about her here.

New Exclusive Armament

This month we get new EA for Rela, Phantom, and Cindy.

New skins

Four new skins will be released this month

Login Rewards

Three skins will become available this month from Login Rewards.



Tuesday, 24 January 2023