Artery Gear - January Roadmap

The roadmap for next month is here and it looks like Clarice will finally be released alongside a collab!


The roadmap has been posted on the official Artery Gear Twitter.


  • New collab - ???

  • New Character - Clarice

  • New EA - Suriel and Ghost

  • New skins - Cream, Pele, Ginga and Kanna

New collab

While the collab hasn't been officially revealed, we are pretty sure it will be Frame Arms Girl volume 2 as this is the only collab that hasn't arrived on the Global server yet.

Four new characters will be released as part of this collab:

Also, there's a high chance that the volume 1 characters will also be available, so if you've missed Baselard or Stylet, you will be able to get them too.

Overall, we are currently working on writing reviews and adding ratings to the collab characters as - again - the collab arrived on the Global server earlier than we expected. Still, we can already say that none of the characters are as broken as Madoka was and they're more PVE-oriented.

New character - Clarice

Well, honestly, that's the character you will need to pull this month - collab characters are secondary targets. Clarice is simply the most broken support in the game that we rated SSS in both PVP and PVE.

You can learn more about her here.

New Exclusive Armament

Not including the collab-exclusive EA, Suriel, and Ghost will receive theirs this month.

New skins

Four new skins will be released this month:



Monday, 26 December 2022