Artery Gear Roadmap for November

November roadmap is here - Frame Arms Girl collab comes next month!

Video review

You can check Tim's video about the roadmap for the next month here: Artery Gear Roadmap for November. Be aware that the video also mentions Clarice coming in November, but she will come in December instead (or even later).

Frame Arms Girl collaboration

Madoka postponed the Frame Arms Girl collab and it's confirmed that the event will be released in November. Three characters are coming with this event:

Stylet is a single-target nuker that also has Evasion which makes her super hard to kill. She's the main target for the collab event.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Baselard is an attacker and debuffer hybrid that shines in PVE and is a must-have in Raids.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Gourai is the freebie you can obtain from the event. She's an attacker that also can manipulate the action bar of enemies - for a free unit, she's actually really good.

Check her skill on her profile here.

A guide similar to our other collab guides will be released this week.

Fall of Bifrost event

With this event, two top-tier characters will be released: Victoria and Isabell.

Victoria is a great PVP debuffer, but she needs her UE to shine there.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Isabell is a PVE monster that has a debuff called Greater DEF Down that lowers the DEF of affected enemies by whopping 100% (compared to 70% to normal DEF Down) - but she requires her UE to do that. Still, even without it, her debuffs are super strong.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Be Born and Die again event

Sakabula will be released with this event. She is a hard-hitting nuker that also can keep herself alive pretty well.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Other updates

  • GvG 1.5 - this update brings a lot of quality-of-life changes to the Guild vs Guild mode,

  • Lewisia coming to the exchange shop,

  • Victoria and Isabell UE will be released.



Monday, 24 October 2022