Artery Gear x Frame Arms Girl collab started!

The third collab since Artery Gear release has started today on the Global server - and this time it's Frame Arms Girl.

Frame Arms Girl collaboration

Three characters will be released as a part of the collab event:

Stylet is a single-target nuker that also has Evasion which makes her super hard to kill. She's the main target for the collab event.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Baselard is an attacker and debuffer hybrid that shines in PVE and is a must-have in Raids.

Check her skill on her profile here.

Gourai is the freebie you can obtain from the event. She's an attacker that also can manipulate the action bar of enemies - for a free unit, she's actually really good.

Check her skill on her profile here.


Similar to the other collabs, we have prepared a few guides that will make your life easier and avoid making any mistakes. Sadly, we were sure that the collab will arrive closer to the end of the month instead, so we can only share two guides instead of the usual 5 ones:

  • Banner overview - the guide reviews the characters,

  • Tips and tricks - this guide tells you who should you pull, and who should you level and skill up to make the most of the collab materials.



Tuesday, 01 November 2022