Awakened Chifuyu buffed!

Awakened Chifuyu receive the must-needed buff as her performance was overshadowed by Rearm Chinatsu!


You can check the official KR patch notes here.

Awakened Chifuyu changes

  • Basic Attack animation speed increased by 20%.

Ring of the Underworld - Passive
  • when entering a new phase, the excess received damage will be blocked,

  • phase 3 also will give immunity to Skill Seal.

Cutting Raindrops - Special
  • animation speed increased by 10%,

  • 2nd hit damage coefficiency increased from 0.7 to 1.7.

Season of Peace - Ultimate
  • cooldown reduced from 65 to 60 seconds,

  • 1st hit damage coefficiency increased from 1.0 to 2.0,

  • 1st hit also cancels barriers on enemies,

  • the level 5 damage taken debuff will be applied now with the final slash, not the downward now.



Monday, 16 January 2023