Awakened Regina promotional video!

Awakened Regina promotional video was just released! Check it out!

Promotional video

You can watch the PV on the official Counter Side YouTube: Awakened Regina PV.

Awakened Regina

We already knew that Regina would be the next awakened character as it was spoiled during a dev stream 2 months ago. But now we know that her awakened version is a Ranger type and her moniker is Tenured President. The changed type compared to her base version is especially interesting as she turned from a Supporter (who spends most of the time in melee), into a Ranger.

Let's analyze the video now to find some hints about her kit.


Awakened Regina when deployed, enters the battlefield while staring at a clock that gets shattered and turned into a barrier that surrounds her. Whether the barrier is a part of her passive or just a part of the animation, we can't be sure.

Special Skill

Awakened Regina's skill looks like a two-staged one. First, she summons a tornado that rushes toward the enemies while an expanding black sphere of ice is created in its path - which explodes once it makes contact with the tornado.

The tornado lingers after the black sphere explodes, which could mean that it's part of her passive instead, and not the Special skill itself.


During the ultimate, Awakened Regina channels the power of winter and rains down black ice shards at the enemies in front of her. Once the channeling is over, she explodes in sends more shards around herself.

Release date

Awakened Regina will be released on the 1st of November and a day earlier, we should be able to get her skillset.



Friday, 28 October 2022