Awakened Rosaria and Awakened Ray kits!

Two new characters will be released tomorrow in the KR region, but we already have their kits translated!


You can find the original patch notes here.

Awakened Rosaria le Friede (Asmodeus)

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Sniper

  • Deployment cost: 6

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Air

Basic Attack - 2 Valid Hits

Blows demon's flame to the target and nearby units, dealing AoE damage. If the attack hits a single target, an additional damage that always CRIT is dealt. Prioritizes attacking targets in the air, does not deal damage to targets exceeding valid hits.

Passive - Tyrant of the North - 2 Valid Hits

Unaffected by Chill or Freeze. Casts an enhanced attack after 5 CRIT attack that nullifies the target's buffs for 2s, does not apply to targets exceeding valid hits. Permanently gain 1 [Hellfire] stack after casting enhanced attack (Max 3 stacks). When HP falls below 40%, excess damage is blocked and Rosaria gains 30% ATK and 3s damage immunity.

At level 5, At 3 [Hellfire] stacks, Enhanced attacks will grant 10% ATK for 10s instead.

Special - The Lord's Judgement - 3 Valid Hits - 28 sec. cooldown

Deals AoE damage in to enemies in front. This skill consumes all [Hellfire] stacks to gain additional effects.

[Stage 1: Special skill's DEF Penetration +50%]

[Stage 2: Special skill's DEF Penetration +50%]

[Stage 3: Ultimate CD -5s]

At level 5, Gain 15% ASPD for 10s after casting, starts with maximum [Hellfire] stacks upon first deployment.

Ultimate - Disparity in Class - 3 Valid Hits - 62 sec. cooldown

Deals AoE True damage after applying 8s of 20% Damage Taken AMP to enemies.

At level 5, Debuff duration +4s, Basic attack and enhanced attacks always CRIT for 10s after casting Ultimate.

Here is her full design:

Awakaned Ray (Nehemoth)

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Defender

  • Deployment cost: 6

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack - 2 Valid Hits

Quickly attacks enemies with his sword. All of Ray's attacks gain Sure Fire.

Passive - Pitch Black Savior

Charges forward when deployed, dealing damage and knocking enemies back (Ignores immunity to Ultimate hitstun). When an allied backline Sniper, Supporter unit excluding Ray receives a Special hitstun attack, Ray blocks the attack and inflicts strong knockback, stunning targets for 3s before returning (50s fixed cooldown, does not trigger when Ultimate buff is in effect). Ray does not detect enemies behind.

At level 5, Debuff RES + 50%

Special - Cut - 2 Valid Hits - 24 sec. cooldown

When receiving Special or lower hitstun due to an enemy attack, Ray counterattacks with a strong knockback infront. Damaged enemies become stunned for 5s.

At level 5, generates a barrier of 10% HP after casting skill.

Ultimate -The Demon's Advance - 2 Valid Hits - 50 sec. cooldown

Gathers up power and deals AoE damage in front. For 12s, Ray becomes immune to crowd control effects and Ultimate hitstuns, with 60% decreased speed, and his basic attack is changed to inflict strong knockback (Such attacks applies Ultimate tier hitstun). Gains invincibility during movement.

*Crowd control immunity: Stun, Sleep, Fear, Confusion and Freeze Immune

At level 5, recovers 20% HP after casting.

Here is his full design:



Tuesday, 07 February 2023