Bailu - character preview

A note was released earlier today that reveals more information about Bailu!


You can find the original note here.


Bailu is a 5* Lightning character following the Path of Abundance. She can heal and Invigorate allies, and revive downed characters.


A vivacious young lady of the Vidyadhara race, she is known as the "Healer Lady" due to her expertise in medicine. She often dishes out unorthodox prescriptions such as "Stay well hydrated" and "Get a good night's rest." Bailu cannot bear to see people suffer, and that's why you'll see her with her eyes shut tightly as she cures ailments. "As long as they're cured, that's all that matters, right?"


We already added Bailu skills to her profile, so you can check them there, but keep in mind that the multipliers weren't revealed in the preview.

Basic Attack - Diagnostic Kick

One of Bailu's weapons is her dragon tail, which she swings in battle to deal Lightning DMG to an enemy.

Special - Singing Among Clouds

The gourd that Bailu carries with her is also her instrument of choice. When she shakes the gourd, she immediately restores HP for an ally and Invigorates them. Baily's healing effect will be randomly transferred among all allies and will be weakened after each transfer. The Invigoration effect cannot be stacked.

Ultimate - Leap of a Marsh Drakon

After using Ultimate, Bailu immediately restores HP for all allies, Invigorates allies who are not Invigorated, and extends the duration of Invigoration for allies who already have Invigoration on them.

Talent - Gourdful of Elixir

Restores HP for Invigorated allies when they are hit. Bailu heals downed characters. This effect can only trigger 1 time per battle.

Technique - Saunter in the Rain

After using Technique before the battle starts, Bailu Invigorates all allies.

Also, if you want to check her animations, you can find them in the official notice.

First impressions

Bailu is a most welcome addition to the cast of Honkai: Star Rail characters as the number of available healers is very low. On top of that, she's the first character that can revive downed allies which is a great ability for harder content - especially if you make a mistake and one of the characters in your team will die.



Monday, 06 February 2023