Cocoa - review and ratings

Here's a review for the recently released character in NIKKE - Cocoa!


This is an early review for Cocoa and things may change in the future when her Cleanse mechanic will be necessary for some content, but for now she's not worth pulling.

Cocoa's skills

S1 - Professional Origami

■ Affects all allies.

Recovers 17.76% of cover's Hp as Hp.

■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with debuff randomly.

Dispels 1 debuff(s).

English translators strike again with misinformation. We checked the JPN and KR skills and the healing part is basically what Liter does, so this:

Cover's HP recovers by x%.

This means that Cocoa will heal the covers of all allies with her S1 skill and not heal them directly as the English description tries to imply. Still, cover healing is a great and useful mechanic, which allows your team to survive for longer - if you don't have Liter and you're struggling on a stage that requires cover (like 16-28) you can use Cocoa as an alternative.

The issue is that for the majority of stages other Burst I characters are way superior to Cocoa - like even N102 helps the team more than Cocoa if you don't have Liter.

As for the second part of the skill, Cocoa is the first Cleanser in the game, so she will be very useful against debuff-heavy bosses (like Nihilister or Chatterbox). Also, some of the CC effects (like Privaty's Stun) are considered as a debuff, so she can cleanse them. The issue is that in PVP it's hard to time the skill (her Burst works better for Cleanse).

S2 - Professional Tomato Sauce

■ Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects self.

Professional Tomato Souce: Sustained damage ▼ 4.37%, stacks up to 15 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.

Cocoa's S2 gives her a really decent survivability boost which is better than a lot of tank characters, but sadly she doesn't have a Taunt skill to make use of it. So while this looks great on paper, it will be hard to utilize it.

Burst - Professional Maid Leader

■ Affects all allies.

Dispels 1 debuff(s).

■ Activates when Professional Tomato Souce is fully stacked. Affects all enemies.

ATK ▼ 13.59% for 10 sec.

Another debuff cleanse skills this time party-wide, but honestly Cocoa fills more the role of a sub-Burst I character, so she will rarely use her Burst either way.

Also, the second part of the Burst is also underwhelming as not only the ATK debuff value is pretty low, but also you need to stack the Tomato Sauce buff to 15 stacks to actually apply it.

First impressions

Just like we suspected in our preview Cocoa is a niche character that - thanks to the Cleanse - shines against some bosses, but it's hard to justify using her as your permanent sub-Burst I character in PVP. For the main Burst I spot her kit is sadly way too weak and too situational.

As for PVP, due to her low energy generation (because she's a Sniper wielder) and Cleanse being hard to use, it's hard to justify using her in the important Burst I spot.

Should you pull her?


Currently, she isn't needed anywhere. And even if you don't have Liter, you should still use Pepper, Noise, or N102 in your Burst I spot as they provide more benefits to the team than Cocoa.



Friday, 03 February 2023