Counter Side - a special letter!

Check what changes are coming soon to Counter Side in a special letter from the devs!


You can read the letter from the PD below:

Open the image in a new window for easier reading.


  • Global Origin Year will start on the 8th of February 2023,

    • KR, Global and JPN server will become playable from one client as StudioBside will handle all 3 servers from now on,

    • you can already pre-register here:

    • tons of rewards are tied to the event, including an Awakened Selector ticket.

  • complete overhaul of the UI and System will happen at the same time,

  • the showcase for what's going to be changed will be released on 28th January,

  • Global will receive the Chapter 8 update in February 2023,

  • KR will receive the Chapter 10 update then.



Monday, 02 January 2023