Counter Side x hololive collab revealed!

The collaboration between Counter Side Global and hololive has just been announced! Check the post for details!

Hololive collaboration

The official collaboration website can be found here and it seems that you can pre-register there to receive additional rewards when the collaboration will hit the Global servers.

And if you want to see the video that shows the skins - yes, this collab gives us skins, not new characters - go here.


That's honestly the biggest surprise. Instead of getting new characters as it usually goes with collaborations, Counter Side x hololive collab will add 5 new skins to the game that will allow you to give your current characters a new look!

Here's the list of the skins and which character gets them:

Lucretia - Mori Calliope

Awakened Yuna - Takanashi Kiara

Edel Meitner - Ninomae Ina'nis

Kaci Bins - Gawr Gura

Yang Harim - Watson Amelia

We currently have no information about how you will be able to obtain the skins, but we can assume most of them will be locked behind a paywall.

At least our Blue and Black tickets are safe!



Monday, 14 November 2022