Counter Side x holoMyth Collaboration begins on 8th December!

The first Global collab will begin in just a few days! Check the post for details.


Counter Side x holoMyth collab will start after the maintenance on the 8th of December, so just in a few days! The collaboration is a pretty unique one because instead of new characters being released with it, we are getting skins for some of the most popular characters in the game.

Here are the pairings (from left to right, looking at the image above):

  • Lucrecia - Mori Calliope

  • Awakened Yuna - Takanashi Kiara

  • Edel Meitner - Ninomae Ina'nis

  • Kaci Bins - Gawr Gura

  • Yang Harim - Watson Amelia

Of all the characters, only Lucrecia isn't yet available in the game, but last night it was announced that Awakened Joo Shiyoon will be released on the same day. And with him, comes the Episode 7 update and Lucrecia banner as they are tied to his story.

We currently don't know how you will be able to obtain the skins - whether all of them will be paid, or some will be free, but this will be revealed in the patch notes dropping a day before the update itself.

Also, once the patch notes drop, and we have information about the collaboration and other events/banners available on that day, we will update our reroll guide, so new players will have an easier time starting strong!



Sunday, 04 December 2022