D-Outsiders event guide

A new event is upon us! Check the post for the guide for it.

Event guide

The D-Outsiders event is really similar to the first-ever event we've got in the game - you just have to beat the Normal Mode, then the Hard Mode, and farm currency to exchange it in the shop. No mini-game, no complicated stuff - just like the last, New Year, event.

Promoted characters

Here's the list of promoted characters:

  • Viper - 60%

  • Jackal - 60%

  • Crow - 40%

  • Rupee - 30%

  • Ludmilla - 30%

  • Dolla - 30%

  • Vesti - 30%

  • Rapi - 20%

  • Neon - 20%

  • Anis - 20%

Make sure to use them in your team to get a better chance to drop the event currency! Keep in mind that going above 100% is useless, as you don't get additional currency.

What to buy from shop?

Overall, if you manage to clear both Normal and Hard, you should be able to buy out the whole shop without any issues.

What should you prioritize?

  • Green and Red Consoles - you will instantly get a power boost to all your characters,

  • Re-Energy - same as above,

  • Skill Books,

  • Summon Tickets - even if I try to tell you to wait with them for the end, you will buy them first anyway,

  • The rest

Also, make sure to don't buy any additional entries until the Hard Mode unlocks! Farming the last stage of the event in hard gives you a lot more boxes with materials.



Thursday, 12 January 2023