Day 1 guide for NIKKE release!

In just a few hours, NIKKE will finally release and to make the first few days easier for you, here's a compilation of our guides - old and new.

Release hour

To check the time remaining till the release check the timer on our homepage or go here.

Newbie events

An official post was released that showcases the newbie events that will be available right after the launch. You can check it here, but here's a TL;DR:

  • Diesel (SSR), Ether (SR), and 3k Gems are given to all for free (pre-reg rewards),

  • Newbie login calendar that gives 13 pull tickets, 300 Gems, and tons of materials and equipment,

  • Newbie missions that will give 7 pull tickets, 4200 Gems, Privaty (SSR), and other goodies.

On top of that, additional rewards will be given for pushing through the story and tower, equalling to around 60 pulls worth of tickets and Gems.


If you want to know how you can reroll and who to reroll for to get an optimal start, you can check our guide that's updated for the release:

Reroll guide

We recently added an alternate method to the Salted email that revolves around clearing data in emulators.

Early and late teams

We also recently released a guide that shows some early and meta teams that you can build in NIKKE. While the first few days you will have to rely on SR to carry you, soon you will have to decide in which way you want to build your characters and this guide will help you.

Meta teams guide

Other guides

We released and updated a lot of other guides as well. You can find the full list here, but below we listed the most important ones:

If you prefer watching videos, do check Tim's channel, as he will be releasing tons of videos that cover various areas of the game.



Thursday, 03 November 2022