Dive 46-50 update and Evolved One coming to Global next week.

Today, we received information that both the Dive expansion and Evolved One will be released next week in the Global server.

Dive expansion

Compared to the current Dives stages available in Global, the 5 new ones are a whole different story. One of tears and anger. Dive 50 for the longest time was considered the endgame in Counter Side and only recently other, harder modes were released. Still, even today, beating Dive 50 (which is required to unlock the Matador ship and allow you to farm Evolved One - the awakened character coming with the update) won't be easy.

This is why we updated our Dive 49-50 guide because the two last stages require you to not only build specific teams but also pick the right Artifacts to even dream of killing the monster hiding in Dive 50.

Evolved One

Evolved One will be the next awakened character confirmed to be released in Global but keep in mind that you can get her for free - although you need to clear Dive 50 first and then it takes around 100 days to get enough of her shards.


Evolved-1 is the first awakened employee that isn't a Counter. She's also the first unit that consumes other units to make herself permanently stronger. With over 130k HP, 2k DEF, and 5% MDL she's really hard to kill. She seems to fit great into the mecha team, but the fact that she can't be healed is a problem in some modes.

She's the first awakened employee that is farmable. But you need to clear Dive 50 (which is one of the hardest contents in the game) to unlock the ability to get her for free.

Because of the passive that prevents her from being healed, it's really hard to use her in PVE. Pure Mech teams without Evolved One do better in PVE than with her.

In PVP she brought second life to all Mecha teams lovers and she's a super popular pick. What's best about her is that she's really flexible - all you need is some sacrifices to boost her passive and you can pair her with anything and she will work well. As long as she survives to her ult, she will wipe the whole battlefield with her nuke.

In the KR region, while she is really strong, she rarely gets banned and it's a running joke in the community that the developers protect her from bans. Still, the issue with her lack of bans is that because she's easy to use, a lot of players play her and this tanks her win rate.


  • PVE - C

  • PVP (SEA) - SS

  • PVP (Global) - SS or SSS

We are still discussing the initial rating in Global for Evolved One.

Should you pull?

If you are serious about PVP, you can't afford to wait 100 days to farm Evolved One for free. While she may not receive the SSS rating as there are quite a lot of her counters available in Global already, there will be weeks where not owning E1 will make you suffer.

PVE players can simply skip and farm her slowly after clearing Dive 50.



Saturday, 05 November 2022