Eversoul - Balance changes coming this week!

With the update this week, some of the underused characters will receive buffs that hopefully will make them playable!


You can check the balance changes in this article. It's only available in Korean at the moment and below you can find our translations.


Mmm, Gunpowder!
  • The duration has been changed from 10 to 12 seconds,

  • The last upgrade has been changed. No longer Flynn will remove debuffs from self, but now she will be immune to status effects.

Take This!
  • The skill will give Flynn more mana after hitting an enemy.

Better Alone!
  • Added a missing description to the Passive: Flynn gains more mana per normal attack,

  • Bonus damage values changed:

    • at base: 110% > 100% ,

    • at upgrade 1: 115% > 110%,

    • at upgrade 2: 120% > 120%.


Spiral Shield Dance
  • Adjusted the amount of damage the shield absorbs:

    • At base: 16% > 18%,

    • At upgrade 1: 18% > 20%,

    • At upgrade 2: 20% > 22%,

  • The Def increase buff has been moved from upgrade 2 to upgrade 1,

  • Upgrade 2 will now give Soonie a 30% PRES/MRES buff for 12 seconds.

Zero-Range Bombardment
  • The duration of the ATK debuff has been increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

Onboard Crossfire
  • The ATK debuff has been moved from upgrade 2 to upgrade 1.


Mic Check (Seeha) / Stroke (Mica)
  • Changed the pattern of Mica and Seeha's attacks, so they use the skills with higher priority.

Soprano Harmony (Seeha) / Alto Harmony (Mica)
  • instead of increasing ATK and DEF, both passives will now increase ATK and PRES/MRES.


You Should Not Steal
  • Removed the pushback effect from the skill as it often got Clara killed after she chased the target. The Stun effect won't be changed.


Avenging Sword
  • The Stun effect has been moved from upgrade 2 to upgrade 1.


Machine Gun Punch
  • The Stun effect has been moved from upgrade 2 to upgrade 1,

  • The Stun duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

Shockwave Punch
  • Increased the mana reduction value from 800 to 1200 for the base version of the skill.

Gear Up
  • ATK buff values increased from 29/32/35% to 32/35/38%,

  • EVA buff values increased from 29/32/35% to 32/35/38%.


Spinning Chakra
  • The mana recovery values increased from 500/600/700 to 1000/1250/1500.

Dance of Svarga
  • Damage of the skill increased from 200/220/240% to 220/240/260%.

Dancing for Nirvana
  • Damage of the skill increased from 220/240/260% to 260/280/300%.

Indra's Radiant Sphere
  • Erusha's attack pattern has been changed, so she uses this skill with higher priority.


  • Increased the range of her normal attacks from 5m to 7m.

Ying Yang Bagua Zhang
  • the range of the skill increased from 6.5m to 11m.



Monday, 16 January 2023