Eversoul - Developer Notes 27/01

Another update full of quality of life changes will be released soon!


The following bug fixes and improvements will be implemented on Valentine's update on February 9th, but some might come sooner with next week's update. You can find the official notes here.

Feature Updates

  1. You will be able to retry your battle from the Pause screen midst battle.

  2. The part where the main character was being praised excessively in Main Story Chapters 1 and 2 will be removed.

  3. Max Guild Member count will be updated:

    1. As-is: Depending on Guild Level, 5 / 10 / 10 / 15 / 15 / 20 / 20 / 25 / 25 / 30

    2. To-be: Depending on Guild Level, 10 / 13 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30

  4. Keepsake of the same or higher grade will not be included in Auto-fill when trying to enhance Keepsakes (you can manually select them if you wish to).

  5. The area where the arch fence and the arch would collide will be fixed so that you can place them in front of the castle gate now.

  6. The filter order of Souls will be changed.

    1. Souls Lv.2 or above: By Level/ Level Sync Level / CP / Grade / Type

    2. Souls Lv.1 or above: By Grade / Type

  7. The construction restriction area will be reduced in the castle wall area to make it easier to place objects.

  8. Players with maxed-out friends list will not be displayed as a recommended friend in search.

  9. You will now be able to see all 5 Souls at once without scrolling in the stats window of battle results screen.

  10. Text bubbles will now appear when touching the material slot to inform you of which Soul is needed as the consumption material in the Soul Ascend screen.

  11. It will be revised so that you can give rest to Souls that are not at 0% energy.

  12. Touching on the Zodiac Point icon will now bring up information about Zodiac Points on the Zodiac screen.

  13. Players who visited my Town via expedition will now be displayed and filtered in the Visit Town list.

  14. The number of expeditions that came to my Town today will be displayed in the Visit Town list.

  15. Even when pressing Skip in Summons, the summon animation of a Soul that is being newly-obtained will be displayed.

  16. Confirmation notification will now pop up when you select the Soul of Epic-grade from birth as the consumed material in the ascension step where the Soul of the same type is needed for ascension.

  17. You will now be able to check the Artifact's skill in the Artifact equip screen and the Wish List screen.

  18. The issue where the progress of development of the Town object in Event Shop could not be checked instantly will be resolved.

  19. Attack animation in Town will be made faster and the hit effect will be improved.

  20. The Wish List under Artifact Summon screen will be revised to show Souls I have obtained and did not obtain. 

  21.  You will be able to choose whether to show the Soul's stats with the Artifact on or off in Soulpedia. Also, buffs from Zodiac, Soul Link, Town buildings will not be applied to Soulpedia.

Major Bug Revisions

  1. The issue of not being able to perform part-time jobs with certain Souls will be fixed.

  2. The issue of being unable to check a friend's profile will be fixed.

  3. The issue of in-app purchase items not being distributed to your mailbox if your game was closed during a purchase in the Cash Shop will be fixed.

  4. The issue of the connection time of Guild Members and friends not integrating correctly will be fixed.

  5. The issue of not being able to give rest to common Souls will be fixed.

  6. The intermittent error that prevented progress during Hall of Memories: Crystal Cave will be fixed.

  7. The intermittent issue where a Love Story did not progress after it was interrupted then stopped will be fixed.

  8. The issue where you could sometimes skip over platforms when Charging in Dimensional Labyrinth will be fixed.

  9. The issue where you could go out of the restricted area in Town > Private Land will be fixed. Any buildings that were constructed in restricted areas will automatically be withdrawn.

  10. The intermittent issue of Town Tutorial not proceeding normally will be fixed.

  11. The intermittent issue of HP info being reset in Dimensional Labyrinth will be fixed.

  12. The issue of Keywords that could not be gained due to network connections and other errors will be fixed so that any missing Keywords will be obtainable upon reconnecting to the game.

  13. The issue of Normal Summon Ticket not being rewarded for viewing Bad and Normal Endings of Love Stories will be fixed. Undistributed Normal Summon Tickets will be sent out separately.

  14. The issue where Ultimate Skills could not be performed when using Skip in battles of Dimensional Labyrinth and Hall of Memories will be fixed.

Minor Bug Revisions

  1. The issue where game progress was not being calculated correctly when resetting the difficulty of Hall of Memories will be fixed.

  2. The issue of Settings > Account tab not being displayed after Downloading All Voices will be fixed.

  3. The issue where subtitles would disappear too quickly when progressing through the Story without Voice data will be fixed.

  4. The issue where you could not sit at a chair in your friend's Town will be fixed.

  5. Shop NPC's script being displayed wrongfully when entering Town Shop after having visited a friend's Town will be fixed.

  6. The issue where the Tree with a Birdcage would appear transparent when spinning it will be fixed.

  7. The issue of the notification icon still being displayed even after having cleared the Dual Gate upon changing devices will be fixed.

  8. The issue where opening up Love Story of a Soul in resting would release the Soul from the resting slot will be fixed.

  9. The issue of touch action on Souls not working if your graphic option was set to low will be fixed.

  10. The intermittent issues of the Soul repeatedly performing attack motion in Town will be fixed.

  11. The issue of the main image frame not being displayed in the Arena rankings window will be fixed.

  12. The intermittent issue of Guild members exceeding the guild member limit will be fixed.

  13. The issue of not being able to cancel a Part-time job, while progressing a character’s Love Story through other characters will be fixed.

  14. The issue of Small General Store's effect not working properly in certain app players will be fixed.

  15. The issue where Artifacts of all grades are displaying max level as Lv.15. in the Wish List in Artifact Summons and also in the Artifact tooltip when the Soul has it equipped will be fixed.

  16. The issue where starting the Lost-and-Found quest in the middle of Outing progress would prevent Gifting and Outing from being progressible will be fixed.

  17. The issue of your movement being restricted in empty spaces near an arch object after the arch object has been placed will be fixed.

Planned Updates

Mephistopheles, Rosé, Chloe, Linzy and Yulia, which were produced in the early stages of development design improvement to match later design quality.



Friday, 27 January 2023