Eversoul releases today!

Eversoul is the sixth game Prydwen added to our supported games list! Check information about Eversoul inside the blog post.


What is Eversoul? Eversoul is an idle gacha game developed by Nine Ark and published by Kakao Games. The development team is based in South Korea and Eversoul it's their first game, but Kakao Games is a well-known publisher that you might know from Guardian Tales and World Flipper for example.

What's an idle game?

An idle game is a game that doesn't need constant player input to progress. While for the first week or so after installing the game, you will be busy progressing through the story, unlocking new game modes or functionalities and everything will feel like any other mobile RPG game, soon you will hit a wall - your characters won't be strong enough to tackle the stage. This is the moment when the idle game part kicks in. Since idle games don't have stamina and you can't go back to earlier stages to 'farm' there, the only thing you can do is close the game, relax and wait.

And while you're waiting, the game will 'farm' resources for you - and when you open it the next day you will be able to make your characters stronger and soon you will beat the wall. Rinse and repeat.

Here's a few examples of other popular idle games: AFK Arena, NIKKE, Mythic Heroes, Idle Heroes.

If you want to learn more about Eversoul, we've prepared two guides already:

  • Introduction to the game - link,

  • Beginner guide - link.


Here are a few screenshots showing the game:

You can find more in the guides above.


Rerolling in Eversoul isn't really worth it, because it's an idle game - here the progression is tied to dupes, so one copy won't help you much. Still, there is an infinite reroll banner that is given to you once you finish the tutorial and you can roll as much as you want till you obtain the Epic character you want (Angels and Demons excluded).

Who to pick from the banner?

We didn't create a tier list, because the game didn't have a CBT or OBT, so nobody was able to play it before release and test what was good and bad. And on top of that, while the developer released kits of characters, they lack skill multipliers, so we can't find the good damage dealers.

Still, some of the characters have kits similar to other games, and based on that, we've created a 'potentially strong characters' list. This isn't a tier list, and it just features 10 characters (out of 30) that we think have the potential to shine. You can find the list here:

  • Potentially good characters - link.


The game releases really soon and you can check the timer here.



Wednesday, 04 January 2023