Eversoul tier list update!

After doing a lot of testing and gathering feedback we are ready to launch our updated tier list!

Updated tier list

Till now, we only had Early and Mid-game tier lists available, but now that more story chapters have been released, we have decided to add the Late-game list too. Here's the difference between them:

  • Early game - chapters 1-8, characters at around 100 level with base Artifacts unlocked,

  • Mid game - chapters 9-13, characters between 101 and 161 level, with Artifacts upgraded to E+,

  • Late game (default) - chapters 14-17, characters above 201 level, with Artifacts upgraded to L/L+.

You can find all three tier lists here - Eversoul Tier List.

Huge thank you to our Prydwen community and other communities for providing insights into the characters!

Also, we decided to remove the boss tier list for now - we are waiting for the Guild Boss mode to launch and then we will bring it back. Furthermore, we are also working on a PVP Offense and PVP Defense tier list! The split is caused by the totally different metas between attacking and defending in the Arena.

If you have feedback about the tier lists, catch us on our Discord!




Friday, 24 February 2023