Feather in the Lonely Night event coming soon!

A new event, together with a new character will be released this week!

This week's update will bring a new event - Feather in the Lonely Night - that will introduce a new character to the game, Condor!

Here is Conder in her full glory:

Condor is a damage dealer who focuses on debuffing enemies.

As a character that can be used in many positions such as dps, sub dps and even support, Condor has a very diverse build. With the ability to attack according to % of the target's HP in normal attacks, it will make it easier for Condor to build equipment without having to focus too much on ATK and still be able to deal huge amounts of damage. At the same time, with the ultimate ability to destroy AoE armor and a special cooldown mechanism, Condor will maximize the damage of herself and her teammates.

You can check her skill on her profile: Condor Profile.

Should you pull Condor? No. Alma is just around the corner and also next month might bring us the Frame Arms Girl collab, so while Condor has some uses, unless you are a whale, you should skip her.



Saturday, 08 October 2022