February 2023 Global Roadmap

The roadmap for the next month in Counter Side Global has been released!


You can check the roadmap in the blog's cover image.


  • New awakened character - Awakened Jake

  • New Story Update - Chapter 8 Stormbringer

  • New battle pass character - Carlota

  • New event - The Sun-Calling Tracks

  • New event - CounterSide:Origin

  • Collaboration Rerun - holoMyth

New Character - Awakened Jake

When Awakened Jake was first released, his performance was pretty terrible - not only he died pretty easily, his signature move (the storm surrounding him) had low range and low impact. So nobody was surprised when he was buffed one week later.

His stats and skills were changed to make him the prime enemy of Mechs and now he's great at making their life miserable. Not only he can tank them really really well, but also he can deal quite a lot of damage and CC them to death.

His anti-mech kit, makes him shine in stages and modes, where there's a lot of Mechs, like Dive 50, Relic Dungeons, Challenge Mode, and Shadow Palace 5. Still, when he's facing enemies that aren't Mechs, his performance drops - he's by no means weak, just that there are better options.

As for PVP, after the recent second round of buffs (yeah, second) he can now hit Air units with his skills and aura, and he can keep the storm field up constantly and also perma stun mechs. This allows him to be the best counter to both Evolved One and Awakened Horizon.

New Battle Pass - Carlota

While Carlota's stats are pretty good, don't think about her as a main tank material. Her real power lies in the buffs and heals she grants her allies and the ability to knockback enemies.

In PVP, she's pretty great in rush comps, mainly because of the Speed buff on her special, which allows her and the allies to reach the enemy ship faster. Also, her flag can't be destroyed once it's spawned and it will constantly buff nearby allies.

In PVE, she has her uses when you need the Speed and defensive buffs which makes her great in Guild Coop and Danger Close (but only during some weeks). Just keep in mind that all her buffs are purely defensive, so she can't really compete with Sky and other offensive buffers.

Also, here's her real name: Carlota Ramirez Fernandes Carlos Juan The Third.

New Story Update - Chapter 8 Stormbringer

The New Main story chapter will be released and it should bring us Jaina Kropel as a new character.

New Event -The Sun-Calling Tracks

Nanahara Family Event Story will reveal events that happened before Old Administration Failure!

The Following New Characters will be added with this event

New Event - CounterSide:Origin

Check out our detailed blog about the Origin Update here.

Collaboration Rerun - holoMyth

HoloMyth is back once more, for a detailed explanation of how the collab will work check out the official site.



Sunday, 29 January 2023