Final Beta character information added to the site!

We just updated our Honkai: Star Rail character pages with information from the Final Beta!


We just updated all characters with their Final Beta skills, traces, Eidolon, and stats! Enjoy browsing them! The design of the characters' page and their profile was also adjusted to make it easier to read. If you find any errors in the character skills or stats, please do let us know and we will fix them!

Click here to go to the Characters page.

Characters Stats

We've also added a Character Stats page, where you can quickly compare the 4 Base stats of all characters. This is just the first iteration of the page and it will be updated with more stats and more ways to customize the characters (like picking their level or enabling traces). Click here to go to the Characters Stats page.

What's next?

Here's what we're currently working on:

  • Updating Light Cones with Final Beta information,

  • Adding a toggle to the profile to show the Character stats with all traces unlocked,

  • Adding a slider where you can see Character stats based on their level and Ascension,

  • Updating guides with images and information from the Final Beta,

  • Creating a Reroll guide - it takes around 25m per one reroll sadly, but we will create a guide to optimize the route and what banners should you pull one once you finish the tutorial.



Sunday, 12 February 2023