Frame Arms Girl collab volume 2 announced!

Global players, hide your pitchforks! This collab will be released in JPN and CN servers only (at least for now).

Frame Arms Girl

Today the official Twitter account for the Artery Gear JPN version released information confirming that soon not only will the Frame Arms Girl collab return (bringing Stylet, Baselard, and Gourai back), but 5 new characters will be released as part of volume 2 of the collab.

Here are the five characters confirmed to be part of volume 2 (from left to right):

  • Jinrai

  • Kuro Materia

  • Shiro

  • Hresvelgr

  • Architect

(at least I hope I got them right).

Currently, we don't know the exact start date of the collab in the JPN and CN region, but I hope Global will be given time to recover a bit from the straight 3 collabs released back to back.

Also, we will add the new collab characters to the website as soon as they will become available, so stay tuned for more information!



Saturday, 05 November 2022