Girl's Frontline: Neural Cloud releases on the 21st of November

November this year is packed with good games! First, we had NIKKE and in just 10 days, Neural Cloud will be released.

About the game

Project: Neural Cloud is a roguelike strategy game from Sunborn and a spin-off of Girls' Frontline.

The player, as the Professor, must lead a group of Dolls (called the Exiled) in the digital world of Magrasea and save them from deletion by the Sanctifiers. Each Doll has their own abilities and you can upgrade them and build their base. Also, for the fans of the previous game here's an interesting piece of information: certain Dolls in Neural Cloud share their identity with characters from Girls' Frontline.

The game released in China on 23 September 2021 and the Global release will follow on the 21st November 2022.

Here are some promotional images:

And if you're interested, here's a video showing the gameplay.

Prydwen and PNC

While Prydwen won't be adding Project: Neural Cloud to our portfolio, because the release date is too close to NIKKE, we think it's a really fun game, especially for fans of the roguelike genre. So if you like the genre, go give PNC a try!

We will be creating a channel for the game on our Discord, so those players who would want to discuss all things related to it, can gather around and share their experiences.

Also, here are some official links if you want to learn more about the game:

Once we find a good starter tier list and guides, we will add them in a separate blog post!



Thursday, 10 November 2022