Global Dev Notes #4 and collab sneak peek!

The developers released the latest developer notes today and to our surprise, a sneak peek of the upcoming collab!

Dev Notes #4

You can find the Dev Notes here

Gauntlet System Update

We already knew this was coming as the KR region already received them 2 weeks ago. Still, here are the most important parts:

  • The number of up units will be increased to 4

  • Increased penalty for banned units per ban received. Here are the values at ban level 1:

    • -10% Skill Haste,

    • -10% ASPD,

    • -10% Damage Dealt,

    • +10% Damage Taken

    • the penalty increases by 5% with each ban level; so on ban level 2 it's -15% to ASPD, Skill Haste, and Damage Dealt to all and +15% Damage Taken.

  • Banned characters also can't use their Leader skills anymore,

  • Season score reset will change from hard reset for everyone to soft reset based on what the score was for each CEO,

  • In a strategic gauntlet, information on the opponent will be clearer and easier to check,

  • High-ranking league in the ranked gauntlet - if matchmaking is still ongoing after a certain amount of time, the system will then search for CEOs who have similar team combat power,

  • Before the match begins, if there are any units without equipment equipped, a warning pop-up will appear. 

Other improvements

Here's a list of other QOL improvements that will be implemented soon:

  • Function to customize each squad’s name,

  • When the [Camera Tracking] option is turned off, the appearance of the opponent’s awakened units and other special events will not make the camera zoom in on that location,

  • Addition of “Relic Gear” in the gear filter under Equip Type,


The Global Counter Side collaboration will be officially revealed in just a few days, on the 14th of November, but a sneak peek was released today! You can watch it here.

The voice is a pretty unique one and some of the community members are 100% certain it belongs to Amelia Watson, a vtuber associated with hololive! Will Gawr Gura or Mori Caliope join Amelia in Counter Side? We will know in just a few days!

Here's what Amelia looks like if you're interested:



Friday, 11 November 2022