Global Dev Notes #5 - Server merges!

Latests dev notes are here and they reveal details about upcoming server merges!

Dev notes #5

Here's the source of the most recent dev notes.

And here's their content:

Dear CEOs,

It has already been half a year since the launching of the CounterSide Global server. It is my great honor that I was able to introduce CounterSide to the Global audience.

Today’s news is about the integration and in-house service of CounterSide’s KR and JP servers.

In February of 2023, the publishing contract with Nexon will expire, hence the KR and JP servers will merge with the Global App while turning into an in-house service for KR and JP servers. After the integration, the application will give CEOs the option to choose between Korean and Global servers.

Korean server has the longest servicing period and the most in-game content, hence the Korean server will continue to support only the Korean language. The Japanese server will completely integrate with the current Global server, where CEOs in the Japanese server will have the option to transfer the account to the Global server.

For current Global CEOs, there will be no changes before and after the integration.

We hope this integration and the expansion of in-house service could be taken as a festival for all of us.

We are also planning a huge event for the integration. Other than some exclusive rewards for those who integrate into our Global application, the integration rewards will also be given to the Global server CEOs.

For more details on the special event gifts, please look forward to the future announcements which will be posted for Global CEOs as well.

Even after the integration, we will continue to serve to the best of our abilities. Please look forward to the sneak peeks at future episodes and events!

Sincerely, PSY.

What does this mean?

Here's a summary of the note:

  • Starting from February 2023, KR and Global will be playable from one client and you will be able to switch between the servers on the fly,

  • KR server will still be playable only in Korean,

  • JPN server will merge with Global,

  • The merge process will give tons of rewards

    • I think in KR they already spoiled that everyone who will transfer (from Nexon server to StudioBside server) will get an awakened character selector ticket. Let's hope Global and JPN servers will get something similar.

What about SEA and TW? For now, there is no news regarding those two servers, but who knows what the future will bring.



Tuesday, 13 December 2022