Global Patch Notes 15/02 - Free Gauen skin!

Calm week with Free Gauen skin and some more fixes.

15/02 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 15th of February, 2023 14:00 ~ 15th of February, 2023 19:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop.

Summary of the update
  • Unit Balance- Gauen.

  • Awakened Unit Piece Retrieval.

  • New Skin - Sweet Gauen.

  • Operator Rerun - Anastasia and Sigma.

Unit Balance Update

Gauen's Double Flat Level 5 effect changed from Stun Duration +1s to Cooldown -2s.

Awakened Unit Piece Retrieval

  • Each Awakened Unit Piece will exchanged to 30 Task Planet Points. [15th of February, 2023 14:00 ~ 22nd of March, 2023 17:00 (UTC+9)]

  • Retrieve Awakened Unit

    • Six Wings Lee Jisoo

    • Amy Firstwing

    • Replacer King

    • Replacer Queen

    • Ministra

    • Jake Walker

    • Arhat Joo Shiyoon

    • Type:Siegfried Hilde

    • Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon

    • Solar Codex Yuna

    • Altergressive Seo Yoon

    • Coldcase Horizon

    • Singularity Shin Jia

    • Six Wings Na Yubin

    • Type:Fenrir Yoo Mina

Special Punch-In

Happy valentine’s day! Sweet Promotion Punch In begins After the 14th of February Maintenance!

Dimension Trimming

Dimension Trimming Clear reward increased, and below is the list of the rewards.

  • [Shadow Palaces : Trimming Shadow]

    • Company EXP

    • Appraisal

    • Enhancement Module T5

    • Advanced Gear Material

  • [Swift: Trimming Trinity]

    • Company EXP

    • Appraisal

    • Enhancement Module T6

    • Advanced Gear Material

    • Elite Gear Material

  • [Jungle: Trimming Wild, Volcano: Trimming Flame]
    • Company EXP

    • Appraisal

    • Enhancement Module T6

    • Advanced Gear Material

    • Elite Gear Material

Shadow Fragment acquisition increases, changes to acquire dimension cubes in all dimension trimmings, and increases in [Jungle: Trimming Wild] and [Volcano: Trimming Flame].

Improvement and Changes

  • The loyalty modified not affected by the result of the dive battle

  • A skip function is added to the Substream Episode in normal Difficulty.

  • Consortium donation Pop-up window will be resized.

  • Credit sale product will be removed in [Exchange Center > Resource].

  • Before entering the Simulation stage, the Simulation entry currency icon will displayed to enable to purchase [Attack Training Permit], [Defense Training Permit], [Anti-air Training Permit].

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an error with Unusual Gear Preset UI Size.

  • Fix an UI mispositioning error when operating quickly after achieving Tactical update Step 6.

  • Fix an error where the ‘A Blossoming Desire’ Skin background image does not appear after the Lifetime Contract.

  • Fix an error where the ‘A Blossoming Desire Skin’ subtitle and effect does not appear normally.

  • Fix an error where the Danger Close ranking were not updated normally.

  • Fix an error of the acquire event currency does not apear normally in added Substream episode.

  • Fix an error where the Operator information were shown abnormally in Gauntlet recent battle record.

  • Fix an error where the Dive Remove Facility does not applied normally.

[Alex: Drool] Emote Suspension of Sales and Refund

  • [Alex: *Drool*] Emote suspension of sales.

  • All CEOs who purchase [Alex: *Drool*] Emote after the 9th of February are consificated, used 250 Quartz will be refunded.

    • Retrieved item: [Alex: *Drool*] Emote after the 9th of February

    • Returning Currency: 500 Quartz

    • CEOs can receive the Quartz during 15th of February, 2023 14:00- 17th of February, 2023 23:59.

Known Issues

The developers have posted a blog for known issues under investigation and their status, check them out here.



Tuesday, 14 February 2023