GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE x Chainsaw Man collaboration confirmed!

The leaks came true and the next week we are getting the first collab in NIKKE!


The collab was announced on the official Twitter for NIKKE.

Collab details

The Chainsaw Man collaboration will start on the 22nd of February and will probably last for 2-3 weeks. An official PV was also released today and you can check it here.

What characters are coming with the collab? Nothing is confirmed yet, but looking at the official art (and combining this with the leak last week), we can assume we will get three characters with it:

  • Makima

    • Rarity: SSR

    • Burst: II

    • Weapon: SMG

    • Class: Defender

  • Power

    • Rarity: SSR

    • Burst: III

    • Weapon: Rocket Launcher

    • Class: Attacker

  • Himeno

    • Rarity: SR (welfare)

    • Burst: II

    • Weapon: Sniper Rifle

    • Class: Supporter

All 3 characters are visible on the blog's cover image. Also, we won't be posting their kits on the website as usual - simply because they can change last minute and we don't want to spread misinformation.

Login calendar

To celebrate the collab, a login calendar will start today and last for a week. Here are the rewards available from it:



Wednesday, 15 February 2023