Hints about the new awakened character!

AGF 2022 starts soon and we already knew that the next awakened character will be revealed there, but it seems we just got an early hint about who might it be!

AGF 2022

Anime x Game Festival starts in 3 days, and StudioBside (the developers of Counter Side) will be there this year, promoting the game. The event is held in South Korea, but if you live there here's the official website that will give you more information in case you would want to attend it.

The next awakened character

In the recent interview with the StudioBside producer, it was revealed that the next awakened character will be showcased during AGF - it's the first time ever they're doing it 'offline' during an event. We were pretty sure that Rosalia will be the next character to awaken, mainly because of her role in the last episodes, but it seems the developers have other plans!

An hour ago, StudioBside released a Tweet promoting the AGF event and showing the items available there for anyone who visits their booth. And among the items are bags and magnets that have their art hidden and only a silhouette is visible instead.

If you look closely, the silhouettes look very similar to the Nanahara sisters. This means there's a high chance that one of them will be the next awaken character and the other will receive a rearm - since after Chulsoo we have no idea who will be the next rearmed character either.

Here's an amazing art created by Controlline that showcases Chifuyu in a different form, inspired by Orochinatsu skin:

Link to the art.

Please note this is a fanart, not an official confirmation of the next awaken.

What do you think about one of the Nanahara getting an awaken and which sister would you like to get it?



Wednesday, 30 November 2022