Jackal - review and ratings!

If you're interested in Jackal's performance and where she shines, check out our review!


This is an early review for Jackal but considering she's not a damage dealer, but more of a supportive tank, it's easier to test her compared to someone like Modernia. This is why we feel fairly certain about her performance.


  • Manufacturer: Missilis

  • Weapon: RL

  • Element: Iron

  • Burst Type: 1

  • Class: Defender


Let's go over Jackal's skills first.

Normal Attack

■ Affects target enemy.

Deals 65.02% ATK as damage.

Charge Time: 1 sec.

Full Charge Damage: 250%.

Rocket Launchers have an advantage over other weapons when it comes to burst energy generation - they are actually the fastest energy generators in the game. And among all RL wielders, Jackal generates the most energy per shot in the game (and she's tied with Anis for first place).

While energy generation is important in PVE, in PVP it's crucial, because there whoever Bursts first, usually wins the match.

S1 - Happy Jackal

■ Activates when attacked 10 time(s). Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest Max HP.

Damage Taken ▲ 9.09% for 10 sec.

ATK ▼ 9.09% for 10 sec.

The S1 skill is nothing exciting by itself - a debuff against one enemy target, which in most cases will be the elite/boss - but it becomes really good when you look at the skill together with Jackal's S2.

S2 - Jumping Jackal's Flash

■ Activates when entering battle. Affects self and 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.

Shares damage taken for 120 sec.

DEF ▲ 8.27% for 120 sec.

Usually, the 'share damage taken' buff is really hard to abuse because its duration is really low (Poli, Anis, and Yulha all have only 10-second duration on their damage share) and you can't time it right since it is tied to active S1/S2 skills that have different cooldowns (only Anis being an exception, but she's hard to use due to being SR).

But here comes Jackal.

Since her damage-sharing buff lasts for 2 whole minutes, it allows you to abuse the on-attacked effects of other characters to create some hilarious and powerful combinations that are especially strong in Arena. For example, if you 'damage share' with Emma, whenever either she or Jackal (or the third target of the S2 buff) gets attacked, you can proc her S1 skill that heals the whole team. Normally it has only a 5% chance to proc, but with three characters, it's much easier to proc it.

You can check this video to see it in action. Credits to 布萊恩亞連#7142.

Other characters that can abuse the 'damage-sharing' buff with their skills are Admi, Diesel, Maiden, Noah, Noise, Scarlet, and Yulha.

Still, to make full use of the damage-sharing buff, you need to make sure that the characters that you want to share the damage with have the highest ATK in the team - while this is easy to do with Scarlet, for Emma it's much harder as she's a supporter.

Furthermore, 'damage-sharing' also increases your team's survivability and they will last longer on the battlefield, but you still need to run a healer to heal back the damage that was done to your characters.

Burst - Crazy Jackal

■ Affects all allies.

Burst Skill Damage to a single enemy ▲ 38.91% for 15 sec.

DEF ▲ 14.69% for 10 sec.

With 20 second cooldown, the burst skill looked great on paper because we assumed that every Burst skill from allies will gain basically 40% more damage, but sadly after testing Jackal, we now know it only affects single-target Burst skills. So characters like Modernia or Laplace can't benefit from it as their skills are treated as AOE.

Because of this, in PVE Jackal is mostly used against solo bosses as in story or against bosses with ads, you don't really use single-target characters.


With Noise being nerfed (and buried) in PVP after Max HP was fixed, Jackal immediately replaces her as the best Burst I character in the game when it comes to Arena. That's because of both her normal attack energy generation is the best in the game and the fact that her S1 is counted as a damage skill (so it generates energy).

This means that if you have Jackal, and the enemy doesn't, you will always Burst first no matter what other characters he uses.

On top of top-tier energy generation, the damage sharing allows you to create some strong teams that can wipe the enemy team instantly - you just need to pair Jackal with Scarlet and some ATK buffers (like Poli or XAnne).

When it comes to PVE, sadly Jackal is just average. Her kit just doesn't work in AOE situations and she doesn't come even close to the utility Liter brings to the table. Also, while her Burst helps you against single bosses, you still will prefer to use Liter's generic ATK buff since it doesn't have any limitations and affects both single and AOE Burst skills. Still, if you don't have Liter, she's a decent pick for the B1 spot.


The ratings are provisional and we are still testing Jackal in various PVE content trying to find a place where she shines:

  • Story - B

  • Boss (solo) - A

  • Boss (adds) - B

  • PVP - SSS

Tier list changes

While we already added Jackal to the tier list, we still need to adjust other characters' ratings there - both because of how she impacted them (Emma and Scarlet being much much viable), and also because of the Max HP change that made Noise garbage.

The Tier List update should happen in the next few days, so please look forward to it!



Friday, 13 January 2023