KR region November Roadmap!

The roadmap for the next month has just been released and there's a lot of great stuff inside!


You can find the roadmap on the official Nexus Forum - linked here.


  • 100 free pull banner to celebrate 1000 day anniversary of Counter Side,

  • ESPR vol 2 event will start,

  • Awakened Regina will be released (check our other blog for more details about her),

  • Rivet rearm will be released.

Here's what Regina looks like in her awakened form:

And here's what Outlander Rivet looks like:


  • the second part of the ESPR event will be released,


  • Counters Saga event will start,

  • Kim Chulsoo rearm will be released - his moniker is Hidden Challengerm

  • New Counter Pass character will be released - Mirine:

No dates specified

  • Gauntlet improvements,

  • Added ability to name Squads,

  • Added Relic gear filters,

  • 1 new operator will be released,

  • 3 new characters will be released.

We're not sure whether the character to the right of Awakened Regina is an operator or a new character, but she looks like a new member of Elysium Philharmonic faction, so it's probably the latter.



Friday, 28 October 2022