Laplace - skills and review (updated)

Laplace kit has just been released and if you want to learn more about her, check our review!


Similar to Helm, Laplace's kit was again changed just before the release, so we had to discard all the test results we had. Our impressions, the review, and the rating are all based on the final skill values available at the moment of her release.

Edit: We updated Laplace's review and her initial rating after testing her again on the live server with her most recent kit.


  • Rarity: SSR

  • Element: Iron

  • Weapon: Rocket Launcher

  • Burst type: Burst III

  • Class: Attacker

  • Manufacturer: Missilis


The skills show values for level 10 skills.

Basic Attack

■ Affects target enemy.

Deals 63.13% ATK as damage.

Charge Time: 1 sec.

Full Charge Damage: 250%.

Skill 1 - Hero Vision - Passive

■ Activates when landing a hit with Full Charge. Affects self.

Hero Vision: Explosion Range up 3.57%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.

Skill 2 - Hero Bomber - Passive

■ Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the target.

Deals 81.66% of ATK as additional damage.

■ Activates when hitting the Boss Parts. Affects the target.

Deals 14.78% of ATK as additional damage.

Burst Skill - Laplace Buster - 40 sec.

■ Affects Self.

Change the weapon in use:

Max Damage: 897.6% of ATK

Damage Over Time: 14.52% of ATK

Lasts for 5 sec.

Additional Effect: Pierce.

■ Affects the same enemy unit(s) when "Hero Vision" is fully stacked.

Deals 11.9% of ATK as true damage.


Yes. That's Laplace. She's a Burst III Attacker who uses a Rocket Launcher that can turn into a laser cannon.

Since her S1 is tied to her using Full Charge, make sure to actually fully charge your shots or you will be losing on the explosion range bonus. While the bonus isn't that big, it will allow you to hit multiple enemies easier. Still, Vesti just needs to hit an enemy once with a fully charged shot to gain a 15% Explosion Range for 10 seconds, while Laplace needs to fully stack it to gain the same amount that only lasts for 5 seconds. So something is really wrong here.

As for her S2 - it's a simple passive that increases her damage when you fire the last bullet and also increases the damage dealt to Bosses when you hit their weak spots.

Let's talk about the Burst skill next.

Similar to Snow White or Maxwell, she can transform her weapon, but compared to them it works a bit differently - it doesn't just shoot once, but it deals damage over 5 seconds while also penetrating enemies. While this might look good on paper, it's inferior to skills that deal full damage instantly when you use them because during boss transition phases or when you're waiting for new enemies to spawn, you're doing 0 damage. This is especially painful on Auto-battle, because you're left at the mercy of the AI.

Also, if you use the Burst while S1 is fully stacked, the skill will deal additional True Damage (True Damage ignores the DEF of enemies), but the bonus is small, so you will barely feel it.

Overall, Laplace's damage is below average, both in stages with low enemy density and in most boss fights. She shines in two places: high enemy density stages and bosses that have their weak points close to each other, which allows Laplace to hit all of them (once she stacks up her S1) at once to both make the boss fight easier and increase her overall damage. Chatterbox is a great example of a such boss where Laplace shows her true potential.


Here's how the Burst skill looks in action. There are a lot of smaller hits and the transformation effect lasts for 5 seconds.

This means that if the boss suddenly jumps away or you just cleared the screen and have to wait for more enemies to spawn, she will hit nothing, affecting her damage output.


While we tried to capture damage comparison between Laplace and other Burst III characters (mainly Harran), considering that you can't repeat the same stage in the campaign and that Harran's Charge bug is still in place, we can't really show any screenshots.

Even sharing the Shooting Range test for an AOE-based character is totally pointless as there are not enough enemies to unveil her full potential.


In the current, bugged state of the game, it's hard to rate Laplace and compare her to characters that can abuse bugs - mainly because her transformation burst can't be abused with the Charge bug multiplier (like for example Harran can) or multiple uses bugs (like SW or Maxwell).

Overall, while in the early game she's terrible, she gets stronger the further in the campaign you progress. Mainly because part of the difficulty scaling in the game revolves around spawning more enemies on the screen at once which translates to Laplace hitting more targets with each rocket. Still, the numbers on her skills are pretty low, so even in a perfect scenario, her damage is underwhelming.

With the limited testing we did and seeing the final numbers on her skills, we can't rate her higher than the C tier. For a damage dealer, her damage is simply below average and she brings 0 utility to the team.


After testing her on the live server, we found out that in her niche - boss fights, especially bosses that have their parts close to each other - she's really good and is potentially an S/SS tier character there. Still, in the non-boss stages (especially those that have low enemy density), she's still underwhelming, but to balance it out we will increase her general rating from C to B. It's more like B+ even at this point, but since we don't have a split rating a B will have to suffice for now (till we add ratings per mode). She is lacking the versatility to be added to the A tier for now.

Should you pull?


Even if you lack a decent AOE character, Laplace is just not good enough to make her worth pulling - or pitying if your luck is bad.

Also, considering that Christmas is just around the corner, a Christmas-themed character could be released right after her. While both Laplace and Helm will be added to the general pool once Laplace's banner ends, we can't be sure how NIKKE will handle characters that are themed around major real-life events (Christmas, Summer, Valentines, etc).

So even if you want to get Laplace, instead of pulling her right away, we suggest waiting around 10 days, because by then the patch notes for the next character will be released.



Wednesday, 23 November 2022