Limbus Company release date revealed!

Finally, after waiting for a long long time, the release date for Limbus Company has been revealed!

Release date

The release date has been revealed in an official Tweet and we will be able to play Limbus Company on the 27th of February 2023!

Since the game didn't have any CBT or OBT, we basically know very little about the gameplay, but we hope more information will be revealed between now and the release.

Also, because of that in the next few weeks, we will focus on adding lore from the universe to our website, so those who aren't familiar with other games released previously by Project Moon (Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina) will have an easier time getting into Limbus Company.

Combat Mechanics

Another official Tweet also revealed a short video that explains the Combat Mechanics in Limbus company and you can watch it here.



Sunday, 08 January 2023