Limbus Company - reroll and early priority list

Limbus Company has just released! If you want to start strong, check our reroll and pull priority guides!


Limbus Company released a few hours ago, so our reroll and pull priority guides are based on the initial impressions. We will continue updating them as we progress through the game and learn more about it!

Where to get Limbus Company?

How to reroll

Check our reroll guide if you want to start strong in Limbus Company! The guide explains the reroll process and gives you some tips on who should you reroll for.

For a more detailed early analysis, go to our 'Tier List'. It isn't really a tier list, since creating one is impossible at this point, but it gives you an idea about the IDs and EGOs and who looks stronger after the few hours of testing we managed to do.

Also, check our Discord, where our members are testing the game and sharing information and their experiences!



Monday, 27 February 2023