List of bug fixes!

A lot of bug fixes happened today in NIKKE! Check the list inside the post.

List of fixes

1. Fixed an issue in the Simulation Room where the last bullet fired in buff has a 100% chance of being triggered.

2. Fixed an issue in Harmony Cube where Skill 2 can be used in combat even when it is not yet unlocked.

3. Fixed the problem that the character burst skill still only has Lv. 1 effect after upgrading.

4. Fixed an issue where the Nikke revived by Rapunzel's Burst Skill retains the "stackable buff before her death."

5. Fixed an issue in the Simulation Room where the damage taken by Reflection Bullet buff triggers repeatedly according to the number of enemies attacked.

6. Fixed the incorrect text in the Equipment Modification option.

  • Fixed an issue where Charge Speed option displayed as "Increase Critical Rate"

  • Fixed an issue where Increase Critical Rate option is displayed as "Increase DEF"

  • Fixed an issue where Critical Damage option is displayed as "Increase Max HP"

  • Fixed an issue where Increase DEF option is displayed as "HP Recovery From Damage Taken"

7. Added explanations for the options in the Equipment Modification page.

8. For skills related to strength recovery, the basis for choosing the target was changed from the absolute value of HP to the remaining HP ratio.

  • Skill 1 of Mary: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP.

  • Skill 1 of i-Doll Ocean: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP.

  • Skill 2 of i-Doll Ocean: Affects the ally with the lowest HP.

  • Skill 1 of Pepper: Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects the ally with the lowest HP.

  • Skill 1 of Rapunzel: Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects 3 allies with the lowest HP.

9. Fixed an issue where the stackable buff initializes the duration of all reinforcement effects (Rupee: Skill 1 and Pepper: Skill 3).

10. Fixed an issue where the Screen Shaking option affects the damage dealt by an attack.

11. Opitimized the design of Recommended Power system. Reduced the impact on the battle when the commanders' Squad Power is close to the Recommended Power.

12. Fixed an issue where the increased value of Charge Damage caused by firing Sniper Rifle and Launcher affects skill.

13. Fixed an issue where Sugar's Burst Skill buff effect where attack speed increases cannot be applied properly.

14. Fixed an issue where Noah's and Lumilla's Taunt Skill cannot be launched.

15. Fixed an issue where the player suffers Critical Damage when battling using lower power than the recommended power level.

16. Fixed an issue where Grave Digger freezes mid-combat.

17. Fixed an issue where allies are loaded with bullets after Increase Max Ammunition Capacity buff ends.

18. Made adjustments to certain Nikkes' skills.

  • Soldier OW: Changed the increasing effect of Reloading Speed in Skill 2 to the increase of Cover's HP.

  • Vesti: Changed the duration of Skill 2 from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

  • Mihara: Changed the duration of Skill 2 from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

19. Fixed an issue where Cover's HP is abnormally high in certain character levels (Lv. 101, 121, 122, 123).

20. Fixed an issue where Vesti's Burst Skill damage is 1.

21. Lowered the recommended power in Chapters 2 and 3 of Campaign.

22. Lowered the Base Defense difficulty in Chapters 3 to 7 of Campaign.

23. Fixed the incorrect description of Vesti's Burst Skill.

24. Fixed an issue where the description of Rapunzel's Burst Skill differed from the actual effect.

25. Fixed an issue where the combat cannot be ended properly when Laplace dies while using Laplace Burst Skill.

Other things that seem fixed but aren't mentioned in the patch notes

While they only mention that they fixed the issue with critical hits doing less damage than normal ones when fighting enemies below recommended power, it seems that crit also got better overall.

Whether they silently adjusted the damage formula, we don't know yet and we will retest the CRIT vs ATK again for all characters just to be sure.

What is next?

We are currently testing all the characters to see if the bugs are actually fixed, but it seems the majority of them now work as intended and we removed the bugged tags from characters fixed in this patch.

But here's what we confirmed is still bugged:

  • Noise - she is still self-healing like crazy and can't be killed unless she takes a suicide bot in her face,

  • Snow White - while you can't use her Burst repeatedly anymore, on some occasions her Burst will skip the charging phase and deal damage instantly,

  • Soline - she is still the best PVPer in the game, sadly her moral compass is screwed and she sometimes kills her allies too.

Tier list

We are freezing the tier list for the next 72h till we are able to retest everything - a lot had changed with the crit being fixed/changed alone. Also, ignore both the bugged and non-bugged ratings as the number of bug fixes will change everything.

For example, Vesti was both fixed and buffed and she actually deals decent damage now, so she isn't D tier character for sure. Similar thing with Julia - the ammo refresh bug being fixed means she has an easier time stacking her last shot passive (especially when you pair her with Privaty) and with crit being better her damage output is much better.

We will release the new tier list as soon as possible!



Thursday, 08 December 2022