Maintenance Notice - January 12, 2023

Vivienne bugfix and other fixes will be released tomorrow with the upcoming maintenance.


Maintenance will last from January 12, 00:00 AM (UTC) till January 12, 02:30 AM (UTC).



  • An already hired Soul from your friend's Hire Soul list will become available for hire for others as well. Before, once they were hired, they could not be hired by another player.

  • BGM with vocals will no longer play during battle. (We will put in a feature later on where you will be able to choose to have BGM with vocals during battle if you'd live via Settings).

  • The issue of mileage Epic Guarantee count and Pick-Up Summon mileage count not refreshing upon logging out and logging in will be fixed.

  • Weekly quests resetting on Sunday at 00:00 UTC will be fixed.

  • The issue of "Get X Soul(s) listed in the Soulpedia Portraits'' count not matching the actually collected Soul count will be fixed.

  • The intermittent issue of "Receive Likes in Town X time(s)" not showing up will be fixed and also the count not matching with the actual count of Likes will be fixed.

  • Replay and battle stats not showing up under Arena  Records will be fixed.


  • The quantity of Tiles being given out from the Town Shop will change from 10 → 100. Price remains the same and if you had purchased 10 Tiles with 300 Town Coins, you will receive the 270 Town Coins back retroactively.

  • Infinite loading that happens intermittently when going back to Lobby from Town and downloading a patch again will be resolved.

  • Intermittent issue of controls not working when entering Friend's Town will be fixed.

  • Intermittent issues of daily conversation not progressing due to Bond Info error will be fixed. 

  • Mephistopheles and Linzy being the only Souls to visit your Town when you first unlock it will be fixed.

  • Expedition quests not being progressible again if you were disconnected from the game while going through the expedition quest in Town will be fixed.

Event/Cash Shop

  • Unlock conditions for Bustling Life in Eden will be removed.

  • The weekly Package reset time not matching the actual reset time stated will be fixed.

  • Soul Reset Level only being available when you had Everstones in possessions with the Manon Pack purchased will be fixed (No Everstones were consumed as Manon Pack gives free Soul level reset).


  • Vivienne's Ultimate Skill, "Giant Destroyer of All Things" skill range will be fixed to correctly apply damage 4m around the enemy as the skill tooltip states, and the visual issue of skill effect and the actual hit being inflicted appearing to occur at different spots will be fixed,

  • Vivienne's Ultimate Skill, "Giant Destroyer of All Things," will have the tooltip changed to additional state damage of 110%, 115%, and 120% (from the previous 90%, 95%, and 100%).

  • Prim's Artifact skill, "Where's the Ace?" being applied only to herself will be resolved.

  • Miriam's Artifact skill "Cursed Bullet" applying the resistance decrease in proportion to the enemy's resistance instead of what is the correct stats will be fixed.

  • Display issue of Rebecca's Artifact skill "Mana-Destroying Yellow Injection" tooltip not changing even after the skill level has increased will be resolved. 

  • Text issue of Aira's sub-skill stating "130% of Aira's max HP" instead of "130% of Aira's ATK" will be fixed.

  • Jacqueline's Ultimate Skill, "Operation: Meteor Strike '' tooltip stating to apply damage "to the target with the lowest HP '' when it's actually "to the closest enemy" will be fixed.

  • Jacqueline's Ultimate Skill, "Operation: Meteor Strike" will be revised so that when moving you will not overlap completely with the enemy.

  • Soonie's Main Skill, "Onboard Crossfire" tooltip stating to apply damage "to the farthest enemy" when it's actually "to the closest enemy" will be fixed.

  • Catherine's Sub Skill, "Credo" continuing to apply its invincible effect in certain cases will be fixed. 



Wednesday, 11 January 2023