March 2023 Korea Roadmap

The roadmap for the next month in Counter Side KR has been released!


You can check the roadmap in the blog's cover image, but here's a high-quality version.


  • New awakened character - Awakened Lyudmila,

  • New rearm characters - Kaci Bins,

  • New battle pass character - Noel,

  • New event - End of Administration,

  • New story - Little Vincent,

  • Skins Rerun - April Fools

  • New skins - Wedding Day

New skins

Laura, Nequitia, and Harab will obtain the next batch of Wedding Skins.

New character - Noel

She's the one in the top left corner of the roadmap - for now, we don't have a full art for her, but we know she's part of the Fenrir faction.



Tuesday, 28 February 2023