Modernia officially announced!

The next character to be added to the game has just been revealed and it's Modernia!


Check the official Twitter for confirmation: NIKKE Twitter.

About Modernia

We won't be spoiling anything story-related, so don't worry about that!

Modernia has just been confirmed as the next character to be added to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE! Her banner should start this week right after the maintenance so either on the 28th or 29th of December, depending on where you live.

Since Modernia design was leaked some time ago already, there's been some drama around her getting censored, but it all turned out to be just people trolling - even the game producer came out to say the censorship this time is fake news.

Also, while Modernia kit also has been leaked, we won't be posting it here because leaks aren't always 100% correct and things can change last minute. This is why we will post our first impressions of Modernia after her kit is officially revealed.

Still, some of the information about her won't really change, so here's a bit about her:

  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim

  • Weapon: LMG

  • Element: Fire

  • Burst Type: 3

  • Class: Attacker

Yes, Modernia will be the first Pilgrim character added to the game since it launched! We don't know how Pilgrim banners will work in NIKKE yet, so we need to wait for the official patch notes to get more details.

We also already added Modernia to our database (but her skills are hidden)!



Sunday, 25 December 2022