New character added to the game - Agnes!

This week's KR patch in Counter Side brings us a new Counter Sniper - Agnes!

New character - Agnes

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Sniper

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

  • Fury Type

Basic Attack - 1 valid hit

Fires her Sniper Rifle at the closest target. Does not deal damage to targets exceeding the valid hit limit.

Passive - Ritual

Marks a target with Immolate after dealing damage 4 times with the Basic Attack. Targets affected by Immolate will have their DEF reduced permanently by 10% (in Gauntlet, Immolate reduces the max HP of the target by 15% instead; ships aren't affected by the debuff).

At level 5, changes Immolate values. In PVE the DEF reduction is increased to 20% and in Gauntlet, reduces max HP by 25% instead.

Passive - Insistent Gaze

After using Basic Attack 7 times, permanently increase self ASPD by 50% (can't be stacked). While attacking a target with Immolate, deal 20% more damage and the attack is always a CRIT.

At level 5, CRIT DMG +100%. Basic Attacks against targets with Immolate deal additional damage equal to 3% of their current HP (ships and bosses excluded).

Ultimate - Mistborn - 16 Basic Attacks - 3 valid hits

Turns into a mist and deals massive damage to enemies in front.

At level 5, permanently increase self ASPD by 20% after casting the skill (stacks up to two times).

Both passives also give 24% ASPD in total from the 2-4 levels.

Here is her full design:



Monday, 24 October 2022