New character and two new skins released in the KR Region!

Two new pajama party skins will be released this week in the KR region, together with Chris - a 4 cost Ranger!

New character - Chris

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires her SMG at the closest target.

Passive - Survival Instinct

Chris will do anything to survive. Whenever an ally dies, reduce the cooldown of the ultimate skill by 2 seconds (summons are excluded).

At level 5, Ult DMG Res +30%

Special - Avoiding Enemies - 1 seconds cooldown - 2 valid hits

Chris feels threatened when someone approaches her. When an enemy gets within 500 units of distance of Chris, she jumps back and attacks him 4 times.

At level 5, gains Perfect Evasion while casting the skill.

Ultimate - Danger Close - 65 seconds cooldown - 3 valid hits

Surprised by the sudden artillery strike, Chris feigns being dead and teleports back to the ship. Enemies close to Chris will receive damage based on their distance from her.

At level 5, restore 2 Deployment Resources after using the skill.

Here is her full design:

2 new skins - pajama party

Chris and Revenant will receive their skins that are pajama party themed.

Here is what they will look like:

New exclusive equipment

Maids are getting their EE with this patch too:

  • Veronica - Accessory - EVA main stat - ASPD prefix

  • Lycoris - Weapon - ATK main stat - ASPD prefix

  • Mone - Weapon - ATK main stat - Melee DMG Res prefix

  • Lily - Armor - HP main stat - CRIT DMG prefix

Link to the full patch notes:



Monday, 17 October 2022